Bathroom with comfortable and peaceful feeling


Did you know you can have a rustic home style in your town house. Modern home interior decoration sometimes mean incorporating modern decorating with countryside home interior decorating features.  To do this you need a bit of rustic and modern home furniture including decorations.  Instead of a white ceiling for your roofing , you can use plain wooden ceilings, cabinets, countertops, walls and rustic character beams for your interiors.

Rustic interior design gives us the country-side feel. Having this design in our bathrooms would be exciting and refreshing! It’s like you are breathing the same fresh air on the rural area. If you want to achieve a rustic design without losing the contemporary touch, we have collected 10 pictures of rustic small bathroom designs for you.

1. Relaxing and elegant bathroom, Atlanta

Relaxing and elegant bathroom design

As seen on the image above, this is a relaxing and elegant bathroom. This design is rustic-inspired with its wooden accent. Likewise, the vanity has a sleek countertop and sink. Notice also that the shower curtain complement the color of the whole room. Moreover, the large rectangular mirror is surrounded by attractive light bulbs.

2.  Modern rustic bathroom design, Philadelphia

Modern rustic bathroom with mosaic tiles

Above is a modern rustic bathroom design. The mosaic tiles looked stunning which is also a match to the neutral tone of the room. Moreover, the sturdy-looking vanity has a gorgeous countertop with unique fixtures. Additionally, there is lovely chandelier on the ceiling.

3. Bathroom with a countryside Feel, New York

Neat and trendy bathroom design

This is a neat and trendy bathroom which elicits the country-side feel. Moreover, the striking vanity has a smooth marble countertop. The color of the room looks cool and relaxing.

4.   Sturdy Bathroom With Candle Lights

Sturdy bathroom design

A nice looking bathroom with candles lighting the whole room is seen on the image above. This design looks sturdy and attractive with its vanity and decorations.

 5.   Elegant Wooden BathroomVanity

Bathroom with comfortable and peaceful feeling

This is an amazing bathroom with creative and elegant wooden vanity. The whole room itself creates a very comfortable and peaceful feeling. The wooden accent of this room adds a dramatic appeal. Likewise, the light on both sides of the mirror enhances the illumination of this room.

6.   Wooden Walls And Ceiling

Decoration in the room is a well-match to the whole room as well

Definitely this design is elegant and lovely! The wooden walls and ceiling complements the floor tiles. Likewise, the attractive vanity is an eye-catcher in this room as well as the gorgeous framed mirror. The decoration in the room is a well-match to the whole room as well.

 7. Neutral toned color bathroom, Sacramento

Neutral toned color bathroom design

This neutral toned color bathroom is definitely rustic inspired. The sturdy vanity and mirror looked elegant and classy. Notice also that there is a vertical storage near the toilet where bathroom essentials could be organized. This room also utilizes travertine tiles which look amazing.

8.   Wooden Accent Bathroom

Wooden accent bathroom design

The image shows a bathroom that offers a tranquil and revitalizing feeling just like when we are in vacation. The wooden vanity and the vessel sink look cosy and stunning. Also, the bathtub has a wooden accent on its exterior complementing the whole room. The large glass window offers lovely scenery.

9.  Rustic bathroom

Rustic bathroom with elegant vessel above a wood

This is a sturdy looking rustic bathroom with elegant vessel above a wood. Moreover, the vessel is a mirror with lamps on both ends. Additionally, there is also a painting with wall frames.

10.  Trendy and neat bathroom

Bathroom with contemporary and rustic design

This is a trendy and neat bathroom. The combination of white and, blue and brown colors creates a fusion of contemporary and rustic design. Notice also that there is a floating medicine cabinet above the toilet that gives extra floor space.

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