Wooden flooring in bathroom

Bathroom Tiles and Flooring Ideas

Flooring ideas for the bathroom has to be selected in keeping with the slippery chances as well as for cleanliness purpose. The shades of tiles differ and instead of tiles some other materials can also be added to enhance the look of the bathroom with lights thrown in. The tiles should reflect the charm of the bathroom. Here are some of the inspiring ideas to look forward to:-
Pebbled shape bathroom tiles
Pebbled shape tiles set on the marbles creates an illusion that it is the pebble which is present and not the tiles. Though it can be little hard to walk on but not slippery.
 greyish black unpolished tiles
Sleek greyish black unpolished tiles are excellent as bathroom tiles as it can be cleaned easily and no chance of slipping. The floor will also not get dirty.
colorful bathroom tiles
Mini Square boxes acting as tiles on the floor of the bathroom that also as different kinds of print on them fills the bathroom. The colours bring out the natural element of the tiles.
Simple granite tiles of nude beige colour
Simple granite tiles of nude beige colour is in proper sync with the neat and clean bathroom. It can be easily swept and less chances of stains getting blocked in them.
Wooden flooring in bathroom
Wooden flooring in an all white bathroom is neat and trendy. It is something different and uncommon. White bathtub in the centre looks in place.
Greased tiles of grey colour
Greased tiles of grey colour look raw but not out of place in the bathroom. Wooden cabinets and drawers add to the charm of the bathroom.

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