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Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Small Bathroom

Bathroom Decorating is one of the most important components of your home, yet most of the times, it is the most neglected space. Once the designing is made out, very less space is left for the bathrooms. Making the best use of this space and decorate it as per your style and convenience is the trick. The design you choose should be based on how much space you have, what kind of interiors you like and the bathroom fittings you wish to get.

One reason why it is also important to design our bathroom is that, we need presentable one. It is warm to take a bath like you are in presidential suites places. Although, we make sure that they look clean all the time and that they have appeal too especially for guests who would use it. But there are some who really want to have stunning bathrooms- the kind that you will never want to leave! We have featured bathrooms like this before but today, we will show you another stunning list.

See below small bathroom crafts.


A very simple bathroom with neat light coloured tiles- there are some very interesting looking slides been used as window blinds to give you a feel of some greenery in the small space. The commode is placed at one side and there are provisions to hang your towels.


If your bathroom has a large window, you can opt for this design- otherwise the gray colour of the walls tend to make it look a bit too dark. There are stylish frames put up on the wall. The wash basin and the commode are set up as per your convenience.


This small bathroom has a slender window giving some natural lighting to the space. The wash basin has a very modern look. Some drama has been added by adding mirrors of different shapes and sizes. The window area can be used as a storage space too.


This bathroom is in black and white. The tiles, shower curtain, light fittings and the wash basin are all in white and hence will need more maintenance. A neat mirror is placed and there is a separate showering area.


This bathroom is ideal if you have young kids at home. Though the bathroom is in white, some colour has been added by the tiles that have bright prints. Just below the wash basin, there is a storage cabinet and the light fittings are very stylish.


This bathroom looks artistic. Made out in white and gray, the mirror and the picture frames add the elegance. There are shelves to stack up your soaps and shampoo bottles. The window blind can be adjusted as needed.

Simple, yet elegant – that is how this bathroom is designed. Set up in black and white, the tiles are smaller to give the walls a mosaic look. The lofts can be used to store the towels and other items.


If you have a doctor’s chamber, you can opt for this style. The shower curtain has a plus sign on it. There is a pretty large storage cabinet. There is a nice picture frame adorning the white walls.


The designing of this bathroom has been done by playing with colour and textures. The walls are given a matte finish with the help of plastic paint. The opposite wall has small lockers for you to separate and store all the stuff that you need. There is a small window to let some light in.

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