Neutrals And Darks

Amazing garden tub shower combination designs

Tub and shower combination have proved to be practical designs as they save space and could be confined or enclosed in one area which would be the wet one from the main dry area of the bathroom. It also gives the homeowners the choice for taking a bath whether it’s a quick shower or a long and relaxing bath using the tub. Shower over bath was designed and worked well for bathrooms with small spaces but for bigger bathrooms tub and shower combination would be the right design. We’ve some designs gathered for tub and shower combination that will make the bathroom look amazing.

1. Contemporary Bathroom Accents

Bathroom Accents

source: SpectrumFineHomes

This design shows a shower stall enclosed in glass with the tub located just outside. Enclosing the shower area in glass would stop water spills and sprays from reaching the main area.

 2.  Bathtub And Shower

Bathtub And Shower

The shower over tub is a design meant for small bathrooms as what the picture here shows. Using glass to enclose the area halfway with a small opening for a person to get in would still separate the wet area from the dry one.

 3.  White And Purple Bathroom/Shower

Bathroom and Shower


The blue and white geometric designs on the walls of the tub and shower area are a great design that gave personality to this bathroom. The shower stall enclosed in glass at the end of the tub saves space.

 4.  Shower Bath Combo

Shower Bath Combo


The glass enclosed tub and shower area looks great and practical as well. The tub has its own space and the shower also has room and the glass walls stops water from spilling to the main bath area.

 5.  Contrasting Neutrals And Darks

 Neutrals And Darks

image source: kohler

This white bathroom combined the shower and tub in one area and half glass was used to shield the main area from the sprays and spills of water that would come from the showers.

 6. White Bathroom

White Bathroom

This white bathroom is quite large that the combination shower and tub areas look spacious. The glass enclosed more than halfway space to stop spills and sprays and the recessed shelf near the tub area is great for decors or bath essentials.

 7. Guest Bath Bathroom

Guest Bath

Image source: john lum architecture

This shower and tub combination was placed in a separate room and even the top part was closed off by using glass. The skylight above it gave natural light brightening the white subway tiles on the walls.

 8.  Subway Tiles in Bathroom

  Subway Tiles

The subway tiles used for the tub and walls make this an amazing bathroom design. The shower was halfway enclosed in thick glass that would confine the wet area to the stall.

 9.  Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Image source: dynacontracting

The mosaic tiles used on the walls of the main area contrasted very nicely with the black with white grout tiles used on the shower and tub stall. The glass door enclosed the shower halfway and a half wall also helps to stop spills.

10.  Brown Colored Tiles

Brown Colored Tiles

The brown colored tiles used in this spacious bathroom look lovely but the shower and tub area is fantastic. The two shower heads are a great design as well as the glass enclosure.

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