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10 Wet Room Designs for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be scantily spaced, however that is no excuse of doing it up in a shabby way. A bathroom not only should look beautiful but also its decor should reflect elegance and clean design. Now, since space is a constraint for you, hence it is a must to keep the decor simple and uncluttered. The more you go overboard with it, higher are the chances of making it looking even tinier.

Read on for further details on how to do up a scanty spaced bathroom. We hope you like our collection of Designs for Small Bathrooms photos

Beige And White Colour Bathroom

beige bathroom

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Beige has been used as a choice of colour in this bathroom decor. Steps lead up to a free form tub, by which lies a wall to wall mirror. On the wall adjacent to the tub, lies the basin on a slab.

Modern black and white walk in shower room

black and white shower room

This wet room lies just by the master bedroom and uses similar colours, grey and white. The shower is installed right in the middle of the bathroom, while on one wall sits a steel rack for the utilities while on the other are installed the shower equipments.

Modern white Bathroom with shower modern faucets

blue bathroom idea

This small wet room uses an aquamarine blue all over. The basin lies at the centre of the wall above which a mirror is installed. On one side of the basin lies the pot while the other side is for showering.

Medium size modern white bathroom

medium size bathroom

This wet room is based on an all white design featuring white walls, white tub, white basin and white pot. The floor features grey stonework. On one wall sits a beautiful mirror, while a photoframe adorns the other.

Modern Bathroom With Wooden Cabinets

bathroom with cabinets

This is very simple decor featuring white walls, a white basin sitting on wooden drawers. The bathroom is well ventilated with large windows and a shower head by the window fits in perfectly. A perfect example of what you can you do with a very small bathroom.

Tiled Modern Bathroom

tiled bathroom

This bathroom although small is very contemporarily done up. The decor includes a grey tiled wall as a highlight, on the opposite side of while sits the basin and the mirror. The fixtures are in steel and complement the decor. But the best part about this wet room is the gorgeous view it over looks.

Tiled Bathroom with Shower Over Bath

shower over bath

Based on a grey and white design, this decor is white classy. The floor features a light shade of grey while the bathtub is enveloped in elegant grey tile work. The slab around the basin features slate work which complements the white basin. On the wall opposite the basin lies the towel rack.

Modern Bthroom With Bathtub

white bathroom

This decor reflects effective planning in its every element. White has been used as a choice of colour, since the space is scanty. A glass enclosure divides the shower area from the rest of the room. A small tub sits in the shower enclosure while the rest of the bathroom includes the pot and the basin.

Modern Walk in Bathroom

walk in shower room

This bathroom decor has retro look to it with polka dotted tile work featured all over the walls. The shower enclosure in simple and a curtain is used to demarcate it from the rest of the bathroom.

Black Tiled Modern Bathroom

tiled bathroom

Grey and white tile work all over the bathroom gleams it up effectively. The tub is enveloped in white tile work, by which the rest of the shower fixtures are installed.

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