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10 Pretty Looking Tiny Bathroom Designs

Pretty Looking Tiny Bathroom Designs will help you choose the design of your loved bathrooms for their suitable craft style. Tiny bathrooms can be given that class and elegance if you take time to consider the interior design it is going to wear. The style you create will project a lasting impression that it is good to think about and plan what will perfectly suit your liking. Presented here are beautiful small bathrooms that create that lovely look given a constricting space.

The space is not a hindrance in making your structure looking at its best. In deed, it is just a challenge on how you are going to maneuver it and turn it into a good looking small bathroom. Below are the design that will surely fill your creative minds.

1. Virginia Highlands Cottage

Virginia Highlands Cottage

Isn’t it projecting a symmetry that can be ideal in the small size of your bathroom? The center table and big oval basket create added color and texture in low-lying ceiling bathroom.

2. Bay Street

Bay Street

This small bathroom that is given the shade of green makes this place neat and tidy. The brass steel shelf next to the tub is an added storage for those green towels that its color is made to be given the same color streak of tiled shower walls. It is a good idea to consider when layouting your small bathroom.

3. Nordquist


Beautiful layout with a low wainscoting. This bathroom in dark grayish color rubs well with the white wainscot. Bereft of ornaments, this comes out with elegance and class. The bathroom merely displays what is beautifully seen in its arrangement and style.

4. Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc

Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc

Despite tiny in space, the wall treatment that is given an orange paint can grab your attention. That warm color set an atmosphere of liveliness in this place.

5. California Cool in the Castro-Bathroom

California Cool in the Castro-Bathroom

The use of space allows to create an open space look in this small bathroom. Each furnishing lying next to each other is a good way to space save.  What’s more? That horizontal floating shelf is an added storage and does make this to look rather wider.

6. Wetmore


Giving this place a full white color palette using marble displays such beauty and elegance in this small bathroom. Its brightness brings in open space to make roomy and airy.

7. Brown Colored Bathroom

Brown Colored Bathroom

All you need to achieve an uncramped space is determining your bathroom essentials and having these laid out just like in this photo. The use of a darker tile color gives an warm oozing appeal in this place. Every siding of the furnishing is curved, ensuring safety from pointed corners.

8. Silver Designed

Silver Designed

A marked of ingenuity for using space to create more storage.  That nice suspended sink on a wall is even extended for additional function and further given that classy style with a frosted glass door. Right across this, is the shower room, that is a good layout to maximize space.

9. Modern Residence

Modern Residence

Consider this genius idea for the layout of a small bathroom, the vanity next to the tub. Sconces and towel holder runs parallel with the wall, creates a rather bigger look, an illusion that can provides a wider appeal.

10. Major Home Remodel

Major Home Remodel

Tub and vanity together with the toilet seat arranged as counterparts, heading towards the shower is a well thought-out floor plan for this bathroom. The major bathroom essentials are housed in this space.

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