House exterior with glass-walls

Water Lily House in Singapore by Guz Architects

This new house in Singapore has a central water court that forms the focal point of the house. The planted roof gardens surround this and add to the effect that nature is evident in every part of the house. Our main endeavor was to create a residence with seamless integration of the surrounding nature but at the same time providing privacy from neighbouring properties……water played a key role in achieving this had to play a key role in achieving that.”

The upper floor roof gardens connect the more private bedrooms with greenery and views down into the courtyards.
House exterior with glass-walls

Water lily house architecture featuring the use of the concrete,glass and wood materials. The house looks modern, the trees and plants around it connects it to nature.

House exterior surrounded with greenery

A one storey side of water lily house adds style and different levels of the house construction as the other part is two storey.

Water Lily house

Can’t help but admire the way the garden and the plants are maintained . It  has that calming and cheerful effect.

Water lily house with a central water court

The swimming pool is placed in the middle of the house court, the green plants and wooden features gives the area a park feel.

Water lily house with a beautiful sight

Water lily house with a lovely water court

Roof garden surrounding the water courtyard

When you look at the layout of the garden, green trees,swimming pool and the green plants,one would think it is a holiday resort.

Water lily glass walls showing outside view

Scenes of trees of different heights and sizes on different levels of the landscapes connects water lily house well with nature.

Colorful living area

Bright colors of the living room ,each piece furniture is well arranged with plenty of space in between each other.  The glass walls of the living room turns this room in an indoor/outdoor space style.

Gorgeous hallway

Hallway that leads to outdoors and other spaces of the house has a spacious dark brick walls and wooden pillars.

Small horizontal and big vertical louvers

A completely different styled passage to the one we see above,this one has small horizontal louvers one side and big vertical ones on the other side.

What a house design Guz Architects carefully designed. The water court as the central feature of the house and the roof gardens is brilliant. Noticed that one side of the house ,the roof gardens surrounding the water area giving it a unique design pattern.


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