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W.I.N.D. House North Holland in Netherlands

Eco friendly home design built in the outskirts of a Nothern Holland vilage which combines modern technology and eco friendly materials. W.I.N.D house embraces the beauty of nature making it environmentally friendly while at the same time giving the family living in a home a modern style life style. It is one of those luxury dream homes most people would love to have. W.I.N.D House offers beautiful panoramic views of the solar landscape and startling amount of natural light which comes into the house through the tinted glass windows.
To understand more about this organic futuristic home design called W.I.N.D House in the Netherlands go through the photo house tour below. Get home ideas about the materials used to complete this spacious home as you see them in pictures.

wind house designGeometric shape house structure surrounded with brown green grass and trees in a peaceful location with blue skyline.
LED lights in the interiorsThe house structure is placed on hill where it was built. The grass walls shows the bedrooms and office spaces situated at the back of the house nearby forested area where it is nice and quiet.

hallway Natural light comes through the glass door entrance of W.I.N.D house . Entrance has plenty of space and looks spacious.

home library Modern home library with floor to ceiling white book shelves which enhances the hallway areas and walls. The stairway nearby the home library is stunning  and stylish too.

living room and dining Well designed sitting area with modern  living and dining furniture . Family and friends can easily relax and enjoy the panoramic views through the glass walls while sipping a cup of coffee.

 living spaceIn a modern home design like this one, a minimalist living room is the one to go for, with contemporary designed soft and beige sofa furniture ,coffee table and a rug in the middle. The glass walls with sliding doors means one can see all the natural environment as far as the eye can go in the comfort of this beautiful home.

dining and kitchen Even from this spacious modern fitted open plan kitchen which links to the dining and living area floors one can enjoy the stunning views of nature this house offers.

bathroom A romantic luxurious modern bedroom design with modern bedroom furniture wardrobes. The bedroom has a luxury bath its own,the ceilings have LED lights installed.

deck area

wind house balconyA balcony on top of the roof with inspirational decking, just what the family would need to enjoy the surrounding views this house offers while relaxing and having fun in summer.  What a unique outdoor space in style.

concrete walls

An elegant cement and concrete wall with gorgeous exterior wall patterns .

glass walls

modern and contemporary designModern and contemporary house design made of concrete walls,metal and tinted glass walls. Solar panels are installed on the roof near the back of the home, and the energy harvested from them controls the house’s electrical systems.

staircase design

Unique luxurious staircase with amazing shapes which compliments the style of the house and its design.

contrasting textureWhen we look at the exterior views of W.I.N.D House architectural features, its shape and design. One can say it matters which designer and architects you use to bring your home design ideas to life. Here the Designer at UNStudio in Netherlands used all their expertise and knowledge to make this home environmentally friendly using sustainable materials for a sustainable future.

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