Utopia Residence Interior Design Coconut Grove, Florida

As the name of the residence suggests utopia it is really dreamlike and idealistic as if you have been transformed to the land of Ulysses. Unconventional and smooth pieces as furniture make the place royal in its own way. Opulence and calmness are the two characteristics of the place. Nature looks so heavenly around the place that you almost fall in love with the surrounding. The look is contemporary and each piece highlights modern art which tells their own story in a narrative style. You can compose so many poems around the place. Neat and tidy polished surface glisten the entire area with white colour imprints everywhere. The interiors of the house are worth taking a look at which is basic yet stylish in its own way. The place looks so natural that the designs automatically throw an eye catching effect in your mind. You are thrown back to the futuristic designs. Here are some of the picture ideas of this Coconut Grove Residence.

Living room has L shaped sofa

The living room has L shaped sofa placed on grey big box like tiles. The sofa is of white colour and opposite it lies two pictures which are modern and artistic at the same time. The living room is spacious.

red colour curved shaped chair placed on the other section of the living room

A section of the living room shows that there is a red colour curved shaped chair placed and the centre table has white colour twig like long flowers and you can also see glass fencing above the ground floor.

 Upper and lower level with white colour border

Entire place has glass doors on the upper level and at the lower level with white colour border from which the picture of the garden comes to full view. Adjacent to it is the box like room which is also of glass door.

House interior

The glass fencing on the second floor overlooks the sofa which is placed in the living room and in the side you can also see the round black wooden dining table.

The painting looks good on white wall

The fencing section has a beautiful purple glossy colour painting on white wall and below it is a corner where brown colour comfortable chair and leg resting is placed.

Garden from the glass door highlights the area

The big and elongated kitchen top has the perfect length and breadth with red seats and metallic steel back and leg of the chair. A grass painting and . There is a stove attached to the table.

Portrait of a modern girl is hung in one wall

Open Space in the house has a leg resting chair in beige colour and in one wall portrait of a modern girl is hung. Kitchen space is utilised wisely leaving space for big structures.

Glass mirror on top of the wash basin

A panoramic glass mirror on top of the wash basin looks lovely to look at and the wash basin rests on white colour cabinets with steel faucets and a separate shower area with glass door.

 The door has metallic handle

There are two vertical box of shower area where one has white freezing like light and the other has blue light emanating from the inside. The door has metallic handle.

opening glass door

The door is the highlight which has blue glass and when you open it a picture is hung.


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