Uber-stylish home overlooking tranquil Nonsuch Bay with Magnificent ocean views

This vibrant Nonsuch Bay Resort is one of the prestigious home in the community of Mill Reef. It has risp, cool lines characterise this uber-stylish four-bedroom home overlooking tranquil Nonsuch Bay. It has lots of beautiful characteristic a modern home should have, from From the solid mahogany wood doors to the plethora of designer fittings and fixtures. But also the most important thing it has when it comes to interior designing, the house has modern style furniture in the living room with a minimalistic home décor style.  The bedrooms are wonderfully designed for example the master bedroomhas the amazing sea views and greenery.  There is lots to love in this house design and there is ideas to be picked for those who want a house with modern features.

cottage with stylish roof

Breathtaking view of the swimming pool with glass doors and tent like cottages open straight into the swimming area. White curved chairs are kept near the pool area for comfort.

 white cottage

A vast expanse of green meadow with white cottage forms the back side of the area. Huge plants sway from either side or clear blue sky gives it a look of the field.

small master bedroom

A small but delightful bedroom is ideal for a big mansion. A modern painting hangs above the bed. Sliding glass doors with shelf like ceiling and dim light is the kind of interior that one will find in the bedroom. Two side tables on both side with two lamps and a small black tool lie in one corner.

pool views with resting chairs

A swimming pool area with lots of resting chairs and purple towels kept on them gives it a feel of resort. To the side of the swimming lies a massive water body that gives an uber chic look. A white canopy style shelter and plant on one side and bushes surrounding throughout fills the area with blue, green and white hues.

villa with infinity swimming pool

The side view of the swimming pool is even more spectacular with azure water and azure sky looking like a mirage. The water level is not high and neither is the depth of the pool giving it a neat look.

sunroom with cane furniture

A courtyard leading to sofas and small glass cuboid table with mini ashtray in brown and white and a long, small and round vase fill the table top.

small bedroom design

An extremely modern room with an erotic picture hanging on one side of the wall and other frames on top of the bed side with white bed and a mini plank behind the bed for keeping showpieces and vintage cars is kept.

bedroom design ideas

Minimalist look with one bed, two modern paintings and an opening leading to the gallery through the glass door with white lamp on one side of the bed on the side table is the only item to be found in the room.

white furniture

An all encompassing white living room with white sofas, grey cushions, and a silver and grey glass with a big bug’s picture embedded on it gives it a modern touch. Canopy style ceiling with an opening for ventilation is well thought of idea.

swimming pool and sea views

Another living room with white sofas all round and grey panels bordering the arm and leg of the sofa that opens to an outside view of the swimming pool.

private tennis court

A tennis ground that too grass based is rarely found but this property encapsulates almost everything that goes with the modern touch.

house with green sea views

Vast water body with greenery all round forms a very big area of the property itself. The view is breathtaking.

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