Tiny Home Design Plans

Homes that are tiny have unique appeal since they look cute and resplendent. Each and every item arranged and furnished in the house has its own story to tell. The features highlight the home designs which when done intricately make the place look charming. Whether you want to make a layout of the house or not it does not matter as you can instantly design the house with almost everything that you want to incorporate it in the house. The home can be designed in the garden area or in the backyard if you have space. If there is no space a small plot of land is enough to make the house. Small things come in great packages and when you have a small house you can do away with upper floors and keep an attic. Here are some of the design plans for your tiny home

1.  Wooden House Design

House with horizontal layers of wooden blocks

Horizontal Layers of wooden blocks are arranged in two tiers, a layer of floor with an attic layering and the main door. Black border looks great and there is another door which has vertical layers of polished wood

2.  Canopy Designed House

Beige painted house

Canopy designed house is painted in beige colour with white colour wooden door border and window and the canopy also of the same colour. Wooden panel acting as support is the basic framework that also acts as fence.

Broad area of the house has orange light on the wooden house surrounded by trees all over the place. The steps lead you to the inside of the house. The windows are vertical.

4.  House Surrounded By Water Body

House exterior

The layout of a house surrounded by water body has two floors with the upper floor having movable support structure which can make the blinds come down and the canopy roof down as well.

5.  Temple Like House

Temple like house has horizontal layers

White and grey colour temple like house has horizontal layers, a door and a window which are vertical in structure. The fencing is done in a semi circular position looking like icecream sticks.

6.  Beautiful White Colour House

White colour house with low steps

Beautiful white colour house with low steps, grey canopy and windows make the house come to life. There are two sides from which the steps lead you to the inside of the house.

7.  Modern Exterior

Big expanse of house

Big expanse of house with red colour window and a background of red board make the place dramatic. A big tree springs to and fro with a square pool in front of the house.

8.  Ghost House 

Greenery and brown soil gives this house a forested look

Ghost house is the best tern that describes the house. Though it looks dilapidated it has a sense of mysteriousness attached with it. Greenery and brown soil gives it a forested look.

9.  Tent Shaped House 

Tent shaped house with a grey door

Tent shaped house has a long door which is narrow in grey colour and two windows. One on the top and one on the right hand side is assembled on a cross section road meant for the particular house.

10.  Igloo Shaped House 

Igloo shaped house with a round door

Igloo shaped house from the end gives it a blue look and the door is round in shape. Quite a treat to watch it.

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