Fireplace with a reindeer structure on top

Thom Filicia Lake House Country Home New York

Many people have a dream of building a lake house and living peacefully next to a calm lake. It is like the most relaxing home one could live in that gives you a feeling of being on a vacation. However the better it looks it can be very complicated to build one and expensive too. Here are some great ideas for a lake house country home. The homes usually have open or large living areas that are accompanied with nice flooring.  Have a look at these beautiful Thom Filicia Lake House , New York pictures to be inspired by the beautiful room designs and the exteriors below.

1.   Wooden Patio On The Outside By The Lake

Romantic wooden patio

A wooden patio on the outside by the lake is perfect for romantic evenings, parties or to just spend time with friends and family. The idea of a small fireplace and little glasses that hold candles looks great.

2.   Lake House Interior

Fireplace with a reindeer structure on top

A fireplace that has a stone background with a reindeer structure as a show-piece on top is the centre of attraction of the room. The cane structures used for decorating the room match well with the close to nature look.

3.    Patterned Of  The Rug And Chair Match

Seating room with a fireplace

The room has a simple patterned rug that matches the pattern in beige on the chair. Use of beige and black color shades. The light coloured wooden walls enhance the dark stone like structure used for the fireplace.

4.   Neutral Colored Room

Seating space with a reindeer head decor

A reindeer head that pops out from the wall is what is very attractive about the room. The inlet made on the front of the wall has been well used for a seating space. The couch provides with color to the neutral coloured room.

5.   Black Framed Door With Glass Doors 

Lake house interior with Vintage styled  light

A black framed door with glass doors and mesh like drapes. The vintage styled light installations blends well with the natural look of the room. The touch of greenery right in one corner of the room is perfect.

6.   Storage Under The Staircase

White cabinets and shelves with a small sink

The little area that is below the stairs is often neglected, however this is a very good example of how well it can be used as a storage area. The white cabinets and shelves with a small sink is all you need.

7.   Bedroom With Animal Picture Decor

Traditional bed cover and the drapes in patterns

The frames in the inset on top of the bed have animals. The traditional bed cover and the drapes in patterns. The floor is made up of polished wood,natural light comes in through the glass door with nice long curtains pulled on the sides.

8.   Wooden Table With Bottles And Liquor

The side column of the wall has  been utilized for ropes and hanging things

The wooden table to keep your liquor and store all your old and new bottles. The side column of the wall has also been utilized for ropes and hanging things that occupy a lot of space otherwise.

9.   Dining Room With A Simple Wooden Table

A single black and white framed chairs are set around the dining table

A simple wooden table with simple chairs is perfect for a clean look. The white framed chairs have a patterned cushion for seating. A single black chair with a very high back support is the unique element of the room.

10.   Low Ceiling Room With An Inlet For Sunlight

The floor has a striped blue and white rug

A low ceiling room with an inlet for sunlight looks fabulous. The yellow table that is neither too big or broad goes well with the soft and curvy structured chair. The floor has a striped blue and white rug.

11.   Cream And Brown Slanting Ceiling Design

The bed has a black base

A slanting ceiling in cream and brown like shutter designs. The bed has a black base and the bed cover is a printed one that gives a close to nature feel.

12.   Fantastic Black Framed Mirror On Wooden Walls

White sink with a rod to hang your towel

Wooden walls for a bathroom and a dark framed mirror both look fantastic. White sink with a rod to hang your towel is also good.






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