The Brindabella Iconic Craftsmanship Residence In Australia

The Brindabella Iconic Craftsmanship Residence In Australia is one of the elegant architectural designs of Perth.  The rural landscape county house in Australia does not in any way have a traditional look altogether rather it is a fusion of cultures and ideas. It has greenery surrounding the place. When it comes to the way it is designed and decorated inside , one cannot resist living in a house that is full of modern features and design when it comes to decorations and furniture arrangement.  The interiors of this house are painted in neutral white colour . Each room of the house has its own décor which makes them distinctive from one another.  There is a lot to like about the way this modern home of Australia is made but we have pictures of the interior design of this house together with outside architecture pictures for you to see.


The outside of the house looks identical like any other house in Australia with two tiers, a conical shaped and a flat based roof with pastel colour paint on the outside of the house.


Small open kitchen with dining zone is a cute ensemble of the house. The dining chairs are white cubic structures with polished silver legs. There is a wooden plank which comes out of the white granite table with silver plated sink.


The fire place looks rustic in its appearance. Small bricks ooze out of the wall of the fire place looking like bits of paper. A bricked structure is kept on the table with lemons put inside. Sturdy cloth chair with wooden leg is placed around the dining zone.


Living room combined with dining room and the fire place is distinctly visible. Old trunk shaped table is placed before the sofas. The sofa is huge in size with lots of cushions placed on it.


Dining zone is separated from the drawing room by little space. There is a balcony in between the two zones. A painting hangs on the wall.

6.contemporary Living Area With An Egyptian Tutankhamen  Structure Placed On The Corner

contemporary-drawing-room-with-An-Egyptian-Tutankhamen -structure-placed-on-the-corner

Chess designed marbles are set on which the chest of drawer like structure is placed. An Egyptian Tutankhamen structure is placed in the corner of the drawing room.


An inside drawing room little lower in platform than the other gives a warm and cosy feel to the entire atmosphere. Suede carpet is spread with black leather sofas and greyish white sofa. Fire burns on a narrow plank.


A leopard shaped carpet is spread on the wooden flooring. Brown sturdy material sofa is placed all over. A wooden log like structure table is placed in the middle. Bronze jar is set on it.


The bedroom has brown fur quilt spread on the bed on top of white bed sheet. Fleece made cushions give it a farm look with a photo frame behind the bed spread. A huge lamp is placed in the side of the table.

White-and-wooden brown-modern-bath-room

White bathing tub and white drawers with wash basin is placed on the wooden flooring. There are two mirrors and a wooden wall



White fold like windows all over the bedroom gives a cool feel to it. Shelf is placed for keeping white and red large and fat books. White polished cupboards in front of the bed looks subtle.


A big tattered pot filled with water in the garden area makes it look like aesthetic example of excellence.


A wooden plank area of the garden where plants are grown is a kind of green house project but without the glass house.


Dining zone just outside the house in between the two garden areas is a change from the inside atmosphere.

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