exterior views of sunshine home

Contemporary Sunshine Beach House Coastal Home in Queensland, Australia

The beach is one of the special place most people think of when it is summer time. It is the place where many would visit all the time for that lovely breeze of blue sea waters that reflects the vast blue sky, sands and green trees.
Now imagine you had an opportunity of designing your own home nearby the sea like this Wade Jenner owned family home. This two-storey Sunshine beach house coastal home is located in Queensland, Australia and designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects. The house has an eclectic coastal design style due to the natural materials in its building structure. The brown and gray timbers on the exterior walls look luxurious and the combination of the stone wall.
The palm trees outside this beautiful modern coastal home give this home design a holiday feel one cannot resist living in every day. Browse through the pictures below to get inspired as you plan to build your own beautiful design home.

Vertical Wooden Exterior Walls

exterior views of sunshine home

Stone Wall On the Bottom

exteriors of sunshine beach house

Outdoor Bench

sunshine beach house

Outdoor Dining Table On Decking

sunshine beach house decking

Outdoor Kitchen Space

sunshine house Kitchen view

 Living Room Closer to Outdoor Space

outdoor space

Feature Stone Wall in Living Room

sunshine beach house living room

Coastal Inspired Living Room Interiors

sunshine beach house living

Open Dining And Living Area

sunshine beach house ceiling

Spacious Double Height Ceiling

sunshine beach house wall

Brown Vertical Wooden Panels

sunshine beach house kitchen

I am sure by the time you are reading this part you have been inspired by the views this tour of the house gives. The designers Shaun Lockyer Architects concentrated on every tiny detail that would make this coastal house design inspirational. Since the builder of the house is the owners , they made sure it is very beautifully designed to their liking with the right balance of building materials to make this Coastal style home plan come to life. What a spacious beach house sunshine beach house offers, what more could a person want.

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