Stunning Ibizan Style House with Swimming pool and Neutral Interior Design in Spain

If you want to get hold of a house in which privacy will not be hampered and you can live a peaceful life then you should go for the Ibizan style house that is situated in Spain. The exterior of the house is adorned with wood and stone details and white colour is very dominatingly used in the entire house.

The high-class interior of the house is neutral and beautiful. The house has an external gym, a swimming pool and a bar area. Along with that, a guest house is also there. Additional features of the house are: WIFI, Plasma TV, own water and electricity supply etc. We hope you enjoy viewing this amazing list of 10 Stunning Ibizan Style House with Swimming pool and Neutral Interior Design in Spain,we have for you below.

1.Exterior Ibizan Style House In The Evenings 


The evening view of this Ibizan style villa looks absolutely mesmerizing. The lighting simply accentuates the overall exterior look of the house. Trees, on the other hand add beauty and greenery to the exterior areas of the house.

2.Neutral Bath Room Interior Design


This is one of the en-suite bathrooms and it is perfectly equipped with necessary things required in the bathroom. The colour combination of the bathroom is really attractive. Shower area of the bathroom surely compliments the other areas of the bathroom.

3. Contemporary Kitchen And Dining Interior Design  


One section of the open kitchen and dining area has been highlighted in the picture. The white kitchen counters look very classy. The dining area has a steel table and red colored chairs. The area adjoining the kitchen is decorated with white colored shelf and lamp shade, clock, wooden benches and table etc.

4. Modern Dining And Living Room Interior Design


The dining area along with a portion of the living room area has been showcased in the picture. The living room is decorated with white lamp shades, sofa set and a picture frame. White cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen area look very apt.

5.White Contemporary Master Bedroom Villa Interior Design


Being the master bedroom of the villa, it obviously appears to be completely elegant because of the smart usage of the white colour and the wood. The leather sofa set seems so perfect and the rug used in the room emphasizes the look of the flooring in ways unimaginable.

6.Contemporary Master Bedroom Bathroom Interior Design


This is the en-suite bathroom of the master bedroom and it seems very well organized since the towels and clothes basket have been kept so neatly. Steel faucets appear so stylish in this bathroom.

7.Exterior Ibizan Style House In The Morning


The picture highlights the morning view of the exterior of the house. In the morning, the combination of the wooden details and the white colored walls is emphasized in the best possible manner.

8.A Swimming Pool With The Scenic View Of The Countryside


This is basically the swimming pool area where you will be able to enjoy the scenic view of the countryside. You will notice that the pool is small and is surrounded by black reclining chairs and white umbrellas.

9.Stunning Exterior Ibizan House In The Evenings


Here is another picture which showcases the evening or night view of the exterior portion of the house. The exterior lighting fixtures used in the house are perfectly accentuating the outdoor areas of the house.

10.Stunning Ibizan Style Exterior Lounge Area Design


One of the lounge areas present in this Ibizan style villa has been highlighted in the picture. It basically has a wooden table, cane chairs and a white umbrella. The area is surrounded by trees and plants.

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