Spacious Modern Design Oregon Beach House

We’re going to show you around a breathtaking modern design home in Oregon, USA, for a showcase in ultimate luxury design inspiration. We often think that with wider resources and space available to us, it becomes simpler to design, build, and create the perfect home, but each tiny decision made in the planning of this spacious home contributes excellently to the overall atmosphere. The creators have paid attention to the smallest of details in order to create a beautiful and awe inspiring home that is perfectly unique and homely.

Prepare to be inspired by this wooden family home built on two storeys. You’re bound to be inspired and impressed by the backdrop, the wooden features, intelligent modern design or getaway atmosphere.

Breathtaking Modern Design Landscape

House with large windows
This location was chosen exactly right, when we look at the landscape behind the home we can appreciate the views that the owners will get from their home. Large windows surrounding the house mean that views can be appreciated from almost any place in the home.

Modern Wood Panelling

Home exterior wood panelling
Using wood panels on the home’s exterior give it a clean and modern feel, but also lessen how intrusive the home is on the vast natural environment surrounding it.

Prime Location

Stunning home exterior
This home looks stunning poking out from above the hills and greenery, and although it’s open plan and very spacious and light, it maintains its privacy.

Relaxing Modern Design Master Bedroom

Bedroom with sliding patio doors
Sliding patio doors give the owners close and private access to the beautiful outdoors. Wood panels and lots of light brings that sense of openness inside the room.

Vast open Modern Bathroom

Bathroom with large frosted windows
Large frosted windows maintain this bathrooms privacy but increase the amount of light and feeling of space in the room. Pale tones and lots of cleat glass give it a clean and tidy relaxing atmosphere.

Neat Children’s Bedroom

Bedroom with storage
Lots of light, colour, and storage upgrades this children’s bedroom from drab to fab. Although the décor is plan, it’s a blank canvas for a child’s imagination.

Fascinating  Modern Design Dining Views

Dining room with simple and clean decor
The views from this dining area are outstanding. The décor has been kept simple and clean here so that nothing is taken away from the scenery outside of the home.

Bright Office Space

Bright and airy home office
Working from home is a pleasure in this bright and airy home office. Plenty of neat storage, amazing views and a light atmosphere make this a pleasant and welcoming room.

Living Family Kitchen

Open plan kitchen, dining, and living area
For better quality family time, the home has an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area so that the family can communicate and spend time together even if they are concentrating on different tasks.

Ideal Positioning

Map of the house location
By looking at the map of this home’s location, we can see that it has a prime location. It receives plenty of sun, incredible views across the bay, warm summer winds and a short walk away from the beach and Pacific ocean.

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