Rockledge residence house design

Rockledge Residence with Beautiful skyline, Ocean views and interior Design

With a beautiful amalgamation of architecture and interior design, brought together by teams at Horst Architects and Aria Design, the Rockledge Residence in Laguna Beach, California, answers the owners brief just perfectly. The creation of a relaxed family beach house where the owners could engage with family and friends was the task at hand, and this little gem certainly ticks all of the boxes. The residence of Rockledge has a serene view of the ocean along with swimming pool and a breathtaking skyline. The entire place looks heavenly with soft hues of furniture which gives a resort look to the entire place. White hue, a modern fire place, spectacular usage of the glass and sombre lights adds peace to the place. An all in all urban and stylish interior is worth taking look at:-

Rockledge residence house design
image source: homeadore
The outside porch of the house has a swimming pool with four single sofas arranged in the seating format and plank sort of kept as a table from which flames emerge with small black stones neatly stacked on the fire place. The flooring is of slight muddy white colour of the outside. The view of the inside is seen from the porch.

Rockledge Residence house design
image source: homeadore
The breathtaking angular shaped swimming pool with small grey tiles and metal stool with plants in the radiant light adds to the beauty of the place. The blue sky is in sync with the blue colour water and a slight tinge of the yellowish orange colour in the sky and also of the light makes it combine the beauty.

outdoor area with fireplace
image source: homeadore

The morning picture of the porch with sofa and the fire place makes it an ambient surrounding for the slight greyish tiles and cottage style structure and overseeing roof top in glass.


side view of of Rocklege residence
image source: homeadore
Other side of the swimming pool with wooden tiles acting as plank on two sides with two different styles, a mid wooden sliding door in between two glass doors with silver handles and resting metallic chairs near the swimming pool gives a neat look.

Rockledge residence living room
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An inside living room from which the entire ocean view comes into the picture with glass doors all around and two sized round structure stands in one corner. One grey sofa with an inside shelved fire place, two lamp stands, low benches and a wooden table with a glass vase looks beautiful.

Rockledge residence living room with sea front

A clear picture of the outside view and the inside view of the living hall is seen by the glass that separates the inside from the outside. Inside grey sofas and the outside white sofas look spectacular.


A diamond shaped metallic piece with the glass vase is set on the table top. There is a glass door, white ceiling and carpeted area of the inside.

Rockledge Residence bedroom design

The bedroom has a wooden flooring in greyish tone, a wooden plank on which the bed rests and an all over blinding windows gives a cosy feel to the room and natural sunlight also penetrates through the blinds into the room. There is also a back high rise table for keeping show pieces.

Rockledge residence small living room
An arc shaped living room with long drawn curtains, two angular cut sofas and a hearth placed below it with well defined cabinet system- for the LCD television set to be placed, fire place, some earthen utensils and small square lights fitted on the ceiling.
modern bathroom
A changing room after swimming can be as swanky as provided in the picture. It has a glass case like box for taking bath. Wooden flooring with jellyfish like structure as a showpiece kept on the sink. The towels are neatly arranged and placed in the shelf like structure.
A section of sauna bath looks very rich with a semicircular tub and a metallic foyer attached to it and is separated by curtains. On the other side a resting sofa and a small table for wine glasses and a thatched arm chair with open glass over viewing the vast ocean is a scenic beauty.
modern open space living room area
The inside living room has low sofas in white colour. A rug is placed beneath the sofas. There is a lamp that reflects on the sofa directly. A LCD case is hung and beneath there is fire place. The flooring is very smooth.
modern kitchen design in the rockledge residence
The dining hall has low set of cupboards and large cupboards on another side. The light from the top is of a different style with paper folding structure. On a wooden table fruits are kept and white chairs accompany the table set.
rockledge kitchen room with sea views
The inside of the open kitchen reveals a sink with metallic water taps that gives a shiny look. Huge tables and fruit plates on top along with, a glass box chimney and the outside view is surreal during dusk as the tinge of orange and yellow with the crystal clear ocean and a huge umbrella over the dining table set gives a romantic feel.
outdoor living facing the sea
A swanky new side of the outside view is filled with white sofas which are low and a round black netted round table on which dish is kept. The side panels have small bushes filled in them. The ocean on the other side gives a royal look to the entire place.
Rockledge residence exteriors
The entrance has side panels from which small water fountains give out water. The side view also has a curved panel and a door leading to inside which is glass based door. Pebbles are arranged in the lower panel.
rockledge residence on the hill
The outside view has a lake like water body with corals and sea weeds growing in them leading to a sandy platform with stairs on one side. Big wild plants surround the sandy hill. The view is slightly different than the inside view of the residence.
rockledge residence house plan
The site plan of the residence shows the entrance area situated in a triangular platform. Hedges and bushes surround the entire place. Swimming pool and ocean are in two sides of the site plan. The site plan is done in an efficient manner.
rockledge  residence floor plan
Further a detailed plan shows entrance, office space, living and dining room, kitchen, bar and lounge, pantry and others.
rockledge residence house plan idea
The lower level plan shows master bath, master bedroom, male and female closet, laundry, storage and deck with Jacuzzi, with master sitting and other plan chalked out in a sketch.

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