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Nautical themed Modern Home in Sentosa Cove, Singapore

Greg Shand Architects the architects and designers of this futurist home design comments. “An eco-friendly home that is sensitive to its context yet has a ‘wow’ factor.  A Nautical theme was chosen to drive the design and form of the house, evoking images of sailboats, the ocean, waves and movement.   Where there is no view of the ocean, the walls and built in elements of the spaces are curved to give a constant reminder of the seafront context of the home. The roof form was conceived of as a sinuous wave form that not only echoes the nautical theme, but maximizes the useable space”.

Have a look at the amazing views of this waterfront home located in Sentosa Cove, Singapore .

Beautiful house exterior facing the water

Beautiful unusual house structure in front of the water, good lighting fcan be seeing through the glass walls from the exterior.

White and grey house exterior design

Here you can see the meterials used to build this curved roof house . Straight and curvy lines,Gray bricks,wood ,metal, glass and other strong and good quality materials.

Modern house exterior with a swimming pool

Unique roof structure shelters the outside swimming pool , the reflection of the light can be seen on the water in the evening coming from the stylish glass walls of the house.

House exterior with the wooden ceiling

wood materials used on the roof ceilings, stairway and the doors. The house allows light to come in during day time.

Modern kitchen design idea

Modern kitchen with a contemporary kitchen island design and white kitchen cabinets.

White kitchen design

View of the kitchen with plenty of storage cabinets to store things away.

Modern staircase design

Styslish wooden floating staircase design with glass and steel railing .

House exterior design

Interior appearance of the exterior curved roof structure . It protects the house from heat and allows natural light to come in.

Modern bathroom with flower decor

Futuristing luxtury bathroom design with double sink and mirrors above. Next to the sink area is a walk in shower design with a protective glass side.

White shower room

The shower is big enough for two people,  different style sinks and unique toilet design can be seen on the right side.

Shower area with white walls

Closer  of shower area with sliding like glass doors which also separates the sink and toilet section from the shower.

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