Temples Hills House

10 Modern Style Houses On Hills

Building houses on hills is such a costly, technical and complex job to do for engineers and architects. But when the project is complete, houses on a hill still are breathe taking when a modern home design element is injected into them. They offer amazing views.

A house of a hill need proper planning as to what materials and resources will be used in building. The steep hilly areas around the houses could be decorated with outside concrete stairs to make the house stand out.

1. Highgate Hill House, Australia

Highgate hill house

Berkery hills house

Image source: yamamardesign

6.  Glass And wood Hill House

Hill house surrounded with trees

Image source: denieuwegeneratie

7.  Dove Mountain Home In Phoenix,USA

Dove mountain home

Image source: robinettearchitect

8.  Luxurious Laurel Way Hill House in Los Angeles

Laurel way hill house

William Maccollum, Art Grey Photography

Image source: guerindesign

9. Korora Hill House in Auckland

Korora hill house

Hope you have been inspired by the list of home design inspirations above.  They go on to show that buildings a home on a hill is not impossible.

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