Modern Home with Beautiful Interior designs in East Hampton, New York

This stunning property spreads over 5000 sq foot space and is located in East Hampton, New York. If you are planning a vacation to the Hamptons, this property can cater to almost all of your needs with 6 large bedrooms of which 4 have queen sized beds, 2 have king sized beds, 2 are twin sharing while 6 full baths that sleep 10. Besides the 6 bedrooms, the villas is also equipped with 6 bathrooms, a basement of 5000 + 1000 sq feet, an outdoor shower, a comfortable patio, Gunite pool- heated and a gorgeous landscaped gardens. Although the house doesn’t allow pets, but it’s perfect if you are travelling with children.


The entrance is brightly lit up and quite beautiful which opens up into living room of height 20 feet. Lots of additional amenities such as generator backup, security system, multi source music, central air-conditioning and satellite radio are also available. It’s a Modern Home with Beautiful Interior designs that will inspire you decorate.

Beautifully landscaped gardens

Stone steps lead to the entrance

Beautifully landscaped gardens envelope the villa on all sides making the entrance gorgeously green. Stone steps lead to the entrance while the villa has raw stonework all over.

The Pristine Blue Home Heated Pool

Right outside the villa

Right outside the villa is the pristine blue pool, tiled in light blue river stone. While you relax into the pool, you can sit back and let the gorgeous view of the house sip in.

Wooden laminate flooring in Kitchen

wooden laminate flooring

The kitchen is quite well lit up with wooden laminate flooring the counter top is in marble while the kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, an oven, a grill, and lots of shelves with enough storage space.

Dining table setup in wood

Dining table setup in wood

By the kitchen sits a dining table setup in wood which complements the rest of the kitchen decor. The shelves are in white which fits in perfectly with the light wooden floors.

Oval dining table and 6 chairs

Oval dining table and 6 chairs

The dining setup by the kitchen counter consists of an oval dining table and 6 chairs all in wood with a honey finish. The four legs of the table and the chair tops have been very intricately carved.

Beautiful Interior designs

Extremely high ceilings

The living room is quite airy and well lit and extremely high ceilinged which gives it a more spacious appeal. The height of the ceiling is 20’, while the room accommodates two couches, two stand alone chairs, a centre table and a fireplace to complete the look.

Big floral prints all over the couch

Big floral prints all over

One couch of the living room features big floral prints all over which automatically adds to the comfort quotient, while the other couch is in beige with a number of throw in cushions. The centre table features a glass top and is made out of wood. A painting of the beach adorns the wall.

Master suit décor

 master suit decor

The master suit decor is all about comfort. It features two couches in teal sitting right in front of the 42’ television set along with a comfortable chair upholstered in leather.

Piano with large arched windows

Piano with large arched windows

The piano room is quite elegantly done up. The piano sits on one corner of the room, which features large arched windows which lets in a lot of natural light. A beautiful wool rug beautifies the floor.

Staircase with wooden rails

Staircase with wooden rails

By the well lit entrance is the staircase with wooden rails that leads right up to the 2nd floor. The door is made of wood in white and features an oval glass panel right in the middle and on both side of the door. A chest sits right under the staircase.

An ornamental table

An ornamental table

Two chairs with tall backs sits proudly right by the entrance door on both side of an ornamental table. As you enter, on you left lies the dining room.

Unique basin with mirror and a commode

Unique wash basin

This is one of the 6 bathrooms and its décor is in all white. The setup is nice and compact and features a shower enclosure, a basin with mirror and a commode.

Bathroom with beige walls, and arched window

Bathroom with beige walls

This bathroom is a tad different form the first and features beige walls, arched window and a lot of tile work. It is also equipped with similar amenities.

Swimming Pool sits by the beautifully landscaped garden

Swimming Pool

The pool sits right by the beautifully landscaped garden and the blend of blue and green is just fantastic.

Enjoy your early morning tea

Enjoy your early morning tea

Enjoy your early morning tea, a glass of lemonade or margarita by the pool, in style under tech canopy

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