Holiday Home Australia

Suburban Modern Holiday Home Design in Melbourne, Australia

This beautiful Modern house design is so breathe taking from the start to end.  When many people think of  a holiday in any part of Australia, the first thing that comes in mind is the beautiful beaches and the wonderful experience it will be.  On top of that the nice comfortable beautiful relaxing holiday home to stay in for the holiday period.

Now lets take you through this modern holiday home design below located opposite sandy shoreline of a peaceful beach in  Melbourne, Australia. The house has spacious  and inspirational throughout  when you look at the materials used to build it.  The exterior walls have a black and white facade and amazing architectural elevation,the bottom exterior walls half way through the house are made out of limestone . To give this Melbourne holiday home a true modern feel, the top part of the exterior walls have been sealed with a glass wall which acts as beautiful windows at the time .  When you look at the interior home design of the house, you will be amazed by the consistence of the nice black whitish wooden wall and the simple modern furniture used.

Black And White Exterior Elevation Modern Home

 Holiday Home Australia

Limestone Lower Exterior Walls

modern home design

Living Area with Wooden Fireplace

 living and dining area

Spacious Modern Home Kitchen

modern house kitchen

Built-in Modern home Kitchen Appliances

kitchen appliances

Modern Home Staircase Design


Simple Modern Open Living room/ Kitchen

modern open kitchen and living

Beautiful Wooden Shelves Above Working Area

Modern home work space

Modern Home Bedroom Wooden Walls

modern home Bedroom

Modern Home Zen Bedroom Style

zen bathroom modern home

Modern Home Bathroom Facets

modrn home bathroom elements

Modern Home Kid’s Bedroom

kids bedroom modern home

So, what do you think of having a holiday right in the comfort of your own property ?. Does this house spark some sort of an idea of what to go for when you are looking for a property to live in in Australia. This house design has a connection to the beach and is protected against prevailing winds and sea breezes. It is a nice home to be at with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors.

This beautiful black and white sleek modern geometrical modern house was designed Steve Domoney Architecture. They made sure it has that lovely relaxing coastal home feel a modern family would enjoy.

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