Modern Dunbar Residence With Transparent Glass Walls Vancouver, Canada

Contemporary décor is very much in vogue in Dunbar and a tour along the residences here would reveal some of the most edgy urbane houses. Are you too looking forward to assure the very sophisticated contemporary feel for your new home? Well, then, this particular modern Durban residence can serve as a fantastic specimen. With its slanted-flat top, the edgy glass windows to the wooden structures on the exterior as well as the poise play between white exterior and grey border- this modern Durban residence oozes the perfect essence of the contemporary style at its best. Although many modern residences brag about taking up the contemporary feel yet not all of them can portray the very panache in its true spirit. But this particular Modern Dunbar Residence stands out from the loot with its innovative out of the box flair which is sure to impress every connoisseur of contemporary décor out there.

Soft lighting inside creates an inviting ambience

The big glass windows are a sure charm and so that classy wooden presence on the home exterior. The grey borders exude a subtle sophistication and the soft lighting inside creates an inviting ambience. You will like the stone pathway leading to the house and the green landscape along it.

The floor to ceiling glass windows speak class

This modern Dunbar 3 storey building is one of the best architectural innovations, wrapped in the very contemporary flavour. The floor to ceiling glass windows speak class and so the cute balcony on the first floor. The wooden fence around the garden looks elegant.

Dining room with big glass door

This big dining looks all the more airy & spacious thanks to the big glass door and the pristine presence inside the room. The grey floor exudes an edgy sophistication and so the wooden part behind the countertop. The bright hanging pendant lights are pretty and stylish.

Hanging pendant lights assure a classy flair

The spiral staircase speaks style like no other and the hanging pendant lights assure a classy flair. The wooden culinary area is no doubt classy and while paired up with a pristine presence- the glamour duly doubles up.

Dark wooden pillar and the staircaseadd on depth to the overall ambience

The presence of sleek glass almost all over has rendered a chic appeal to the room. The dark wooden pillar and the staircase have worked to add on depth to the overall ambience. The little rug is a beauty and so is the garden outside.


Home interior with broad wooden slats
If you are looking for out of the box ideas for stairs in your contemporary home, this can be a great example. The guard less broad wooden slats look elegant and the glass wall and the sleek railing beside assure the needed support.

Kitchen cum dining space with pristine furnishing

This open kitchen cum dining space speaks of great style and poise to the T. You will love how the pristine furnishing has been duly paired up with the wooden cabinet and walls. The spiral staircase is a beauty and the pendant lights look charming.

Glass door & partitions are just oh-so-chic

The little balcony outside is really cute and the glass door & partitions are just oh-so-chic. The dark wooden floor looks really elegant and you would surely love the light wooden cupboard and drawers.

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