Modern Cetatuia Loft Architecture In Brasov In Romania

Colours dominate the architectural house. Modern elements thrown in the house serves as a contemporary piece of residential area. Green surrounding with high technology medium in the interior of the house gives the house much needed delight. The place looks like a designers den with all the multi function embedded within the lofty peak like structure. The place is slightly towards the dense forest area. The residence area does not throw the charm from the outside but when you go inside you can feel that the place is actually majestic in its grandeur. You can have a look at the pictures which will inspire you throughout. Certain elements have a different touch altogether but there are others which are simple in its form. To get to know more about have a look:-

Pointed and narrow house


Modern house with five floors


House exterior with a sloping road near

The house has a pyramid shape peak but more pointed and narrow. The house has five floors which are marked by glass doors from the outside. The road near the place is sloping and coniferous trees of short length lies on the road.

Bathroom with white colour tiles


Green color highlights this room


Bathroom with orange accent color

TheĀ  and a separate shower area with green light, pink light and orange light which keeps on changing. There is a big black monitor opposite the shower area

The roof is low in one side


Roof with green small brick like granite furnishing below

Sloping roof in white colour is low in one side and the other side has wash basin of white porcelain and below it lies green small brick like granite furnishing. The bathing tub is also of the same furnishing.

Lights radiate the bathroom


Blue light and green granite lift up the mood of the washbasin

The bathing tub has green light which can be changed. The lights radiate the bathroom. Blue light and green granite lifts up the mood of the washbasin.

Cross pattern of wooden plank is held


Roofing with wooden flames

The steps are of wooden black furnishing and cross pattern of wooden plank is held and the ceiling is actually the roof made up of glass.

Living room with white sofa


The sofa highlights the room

The lower living room has white colour sofa with white hearth and on top and just above the sofa lies another living area with purple colour sofas.

White wall blend well with wood


Interior with art work decor

In the area of the steps you can see a painting of orange and green colour. You can see wooden steps and wooden panel.

Cream colour curtains are seen


Dining area with white dining chairs and table


 Sofas lie behind the kitchen counter

Dining zone is attached with kitchen area. Cream colour curtains are seen. An inverted cup is placed on top. Sofas lie behind the kitchen counter.

Teak flooring with the sofa area

Teak flooring with the sofa area acts as parlour.

Bedroom with brown curtains


Plasma television on the glass door

The steps lead you to an open bedroom which has brown curtains. Plasma television is on the glass door.

Wooden cabinet with with LCD screen fitted

Wooden door, wooden cabinet fully polished with LCD screen fitted looks ambient.

Side panel of the house from the outside

The side panel of the house from the outside shows wood and colours.

Allthe rooms are highlighted


Modern house plan

Three bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom is highlighted.

Drawings show the landmarks near the house


Sides view of the house drawing


House interior drawings

The drawings show the landmarks near the house. The house also shows technical areas as well.


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