Mirador house house elevation

Mirador House, A Modern House On A Cliff in Tunquén, Chile

Mirador house is a house on the cliff, it is elevated from the terrain allowing the owners to enjoy the views of both land and sea. This amazing spacious home Mirador House is located in Punta del Gallo, one hour and fourty-five minutes from Santiago. Having a house like Mirador House as a family home could be like living in fantasy land or dream world.
It is in a great location and its architectural features are incredible. The house can be seen from the coast and fields because of its high elevation showing the main floor supported by a smaller base volume showing symmetrical cantilevered areas.
The architectural concept reflects the memory of three visits to the Villa Savoye in Paris designed by Le Corbusier, a project of a summer designed by the architect of this house for a Parisian lawyer, located on the Mediterranean coast. Mirador house uses a basic geometry, a solar orientation and communication with the site it is built on. Enjoy the Modern house design picture tour below and see if you can get an idea of how to build your own dream home.

House on top the cliffViews of the house on a cliff surrounded by big stones and trees, not top mention the views of large of natural waters from the sea.

Mirador house

Basic geometrical house design with a solar orientation and communication with the site. Beautiful grey concrete finish.

Mirador house house elevation

This where you can to appreciate the architectural features and structure of the Mirador house. Everything about its exterior views is likable. The house rises from the ground ascending to the main floor lamp. It has two department with a large meeting space connecting to two terraces that open to the sea and countryside.

house design

house surrounded by nature

The center of the great space is a double height area through which sunlight enters during the morning and the evening, and through which you may exit via a spiral-staircase to the roof terrace from which dominates the entire area.

 concrete finishSome of the nice views far away from the house showing lovely landscape of trees,hills ,neighbouring houses and across the sea. Owners of the Mirador house dedicate themselves to reading, writing, watching, walks and talks while enjoying the house offers in this lovely location.

see views Sleek Modern house design with different positions and geometry . Like the nice glass balcony and the roof decking where the family can relax  while enjoying the refreshing ocean views and the surrounding areas.

dining area


As Mirador house is elevated from the terrain, A balcony outdoor sitting area like this allows the house owner to see both the land and the sea at once.

nice spiral staircase

Smart interior design of the house with a stylish black steel spiral staircase going up in the living room. The black sofa ,purple arm chairs and the picture wall art makes this living room /dining area stunning.


Peaceful views of the house on a cliff with rocks and the sea nearby . A unique house design and location like no other.

great location Many people would pack their bags to embark on a holiday and book unique luxury homes for a great holiday experience . But to the owners of this house , its like living in special holiday home every day waking up to the refreshing sea breeze and nice views of the sea and its blue waters.

Thanks to the work of the architects: Víctor Gubbins Browne, Gubbins Arquitectos who designed and built this house in a beautiful location of  Tunquen, Casablanca, Valparaíso, Chile and the photographer Marcos Mendizábal .

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