House structure surrounded with trees

Mid-century modern house: Wood Block Residence,Seattle,USA

Creative classic modern home reconstruction in Seattle, USA by architect Fred Bassett . Wood block residence fronts a busy street and the owners wanted to the architects to protective shelter for family life. While appreciating the classic modern house structure with simplified the floor plan, rectify years of alterations, and update the finishes. The owners wanted to keep the original structure of the house design while making the house a reflective of themselves, its time, and a celebration of its place. Wood Block residence was inspired by a metaphor of children’s wood blocks. The owners appreciated the orthagonal simplicity of form and the limitless imaginative structures that can be built with them

The house was gutted to the studs and portions of the existing house structure, decks, and site work were removed. The reconstruction uses new block forms to contain , articulate, and separate programmatic functions. Clad in materials such as steel, Milestone plaster, and white lacquer, these blocks consolidate clutter and allow the remaining spaces to be open and clean.

Wood block residence surrounded with trees

Exterior roof beam extensions were removed and a new metal clad roof with interior cedar liner wraps or ‘waterfalls’ down the sides of the house to ground it to its site. The carport roof was disengaged to provide a slot of light and clarify the primary roof form of the house. The waterfall form is repeated in interior elements.

Kitchen with a white island

Open plan kitchen and dining area

Modern bright white kitchen with aluminum appliances and kitchen bar stool. The Living spaces are a composition of black and wood. Large sliding glass doors open to a full length deck.

Wood block bedroom with a flat screen TV

A steel clad Pantry divides the Bedroom from the Living space. Large sliding glass doors open to a full length deck.

Passage with white walls

Freestanding wardrobe cabinets provide a dressing area. Frameless glass sliding doors separate the Master Bedroom from the living area.

Bathroom with three lights

Modern bright white bathroom cabinets make this dressing room look luxurious.

Wood block interior with glass walls

Amazing space suitable for work station ,library,study area with a lot of working counter, large screen at the end of the room for presentations.

Studio with glass walls

Redefined outdoor spaces that includes the Main Floor Deck, the Entry Courtyard, and the Outdoor Room for Taiko drumming.

Contemporary passage

Chadbourne + doss architects enhanced the relationship of interior to exterior with large windows and doors.

House structure surrounded with trees

Mid-century modern house nestled into a hillside providing a quiet and protected modern family home. Flush steel siding wraps from the roof to the ground providing shelter.

An aluminum bar grating screen encloses the Outdoor Room for filtered privacy. The entry was redesigned with a cantilevered concrete landing and a glass pivot door. Trees and boulders were added to create more privacy and nestle the house further into its site.

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