Magnificent and superb villa with contemporary architecture in Juzo, Cascais

This modern Portuguese villa has everything one can need for everyday living. The contemporary architecture of this house is inspirational and breath-taking with beautiful views of the swimming when one is sited on the outdoor chairs by the pool side.  When it comes to the interior decorating of this house there is a lot to learn on the art of décor they used to bring this villa to life.  Love the beautiful staircase that goes from the living room to upstairs, the lovely damask wallpaper dining room with mirrors and the Buddha statue . When it comes the use of colour schemes and  home designing this modern house has it all.

It is a Portugal property that houses a swimming pool, a large villa with living room, dining room with open kitchen, children’s room, baby’s bathroom and balconies. Around 14 pictures that gives a detail interior.

Big Swimming Pool

outdoor big swimming pool
A big swimming pool surrounding white and black big umbrellas for swimming rest chairs fills the area. Big grey sofas rest near the resting chairs. Tree trunk lies behind the bean bag.

Wooden Flooring And Glass Side panel

Wooden Flooring interiors
Staircase leading from the living room with wooden flooring and glass side panel of the stairs with a big mesh kind of round lamp hanging from above stands nested. A long white vase rests in one corner with grass like leaf structure.

Rust coloured wall

living room idea
Rust coloured wall with wooden flooring, sofas and chairs, a television set and three broad paintings with two lamps and a fire place to keep the place warm. One sliding glass window with long curtains is thrown into the living room.

Plum Coloured Wallpaper Dining

plum wallpaper dining room
Wooden flooring with wooden tables and chair, a plum coloured wall with a terracotta Buddha statue rests on the plum. A plum coloured window curtain roll with black flower print and a white roll is the combination. A two tiered cloth lamp hangs from the top.

Home Office With wooden Flooring

Home Office ideas
An office with wooden flooring, two lamp shades, black leather sofas, and a suede leather chair with black cabinets on top with glass doors, a shutter kind of gate and small frames of certificates and other memoranda rests in one white wall.

 Black Rectangular Kitchen Island With Bar Chairs

kitchen with island idea
An open kitchen with black rectangular dining table that rests as a shelf in granite and black chairs with metal legs of the chair gives a shimmer, a steel tea kettle with black handle, a small rack for the steel containers, a tissue based window curtain and a long steel chimney gives an urban look to the kitchen.

Kids Playing Room

kids play room idea
A kids playing room with plum and magenta shade of curtain sort of hangs amidst the playing tools and a blue sofa with blue walls gives it a serene look to the kids zone.

Master Bedroom with Damask wallpaper and Long white curtains

bedroom with wallpaper design
A bedroom combined with sofa that has a white based sofa and a white with golden motif wallpaper residing above the head of the bed gives it a royal look. Long white curtains with low ceiling add to the mood of the room.

Kid’s Room with pink mat, a small bed and open box

colourful girl's bedroom idea
A kid’s room with pink mat, a small bed, open box shelf for books and stuff toys, a yacht shaped blue colour swing swaying to and fro from the top and a minute star kind of wallpaper on one wall gives it a playful look to the room.

Kid’s bathtub with aqua blue tiles

modern blue bathroom
Kid’s bathtub with aqua blue tiles and all the cute shampoo bottles and lotion bottles is set on the sink as well as on the plank that surrounds the bathtub.

 Flower Wallpaper and Princess Style Bed

Princess Style Bed
A baby girl’s room with all shades of pink- the bean bag, flower wall paper, princess style bed with white veil, small table and chair and a window gives a Cinderella feel.

Animal Skin Rug on Floor

Animal skin rug
A portion of the living room that houses a cupboard kind of shelf, a fire place, dining table, sofas, wooden flooring and a picture hangs on the wall.

Modern living room

modern minimalist living room
A low elongated plank for keeping show pieces, a LCD television, a big sofa and two small sofa and wooden table is the view of the living room.

Spectacular Outdoor Swimming Pool

outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool looks spectacular from above with thatched umbrellas overlooking the resting chairs amidst green meadows.

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