Luxury Modern House Design minutes from Disney World, Florida, USA

This beautiful property located in Florida, is just minutes away from Disneyland. Planning a trip to Disneyland to see  Disney World? Well, throughout the year the hotel in and around Disneyland stay all cramped up. Instead, you can try this stunning 4 bedroom vacation home at a cost much cheaper. If you are looking at a trip to relax and rejuvenate, no other property can be as comfortable as this 2000sq feet house. It is fully loaded with 4 bedrooms, a well equipped kitchen, 4 bathrooms, a laundry room, a gorgeous dining room, a private swimming pool, 5 televisions, one is each bedroom and a large 54 inches screen TV in the living room, iPod player, Nintendo with games, high speed internet, a jam packed game room and free calling to Canada and within US.

Modern Bungalow With Drive Way

bangalow design

The property is single storied and spread over 2000sq feet. It is based on a nice beige color with bright brick roof. Surrounded by greenery, this spacious house is a perfect vacation home.

Small Kitchen with white cabinets and island

kitchen with white cabinets

The kitchen is nice and compact with ample storage space. An attached counter with four bar stools adds to the seating space of the room. A refrigerator, an oven, a stove are part of the decor.

Dining Area in Kitchen

round dining table with 4 chairs

The dining table is round with 4 chairs. The entire set has been carved out of wood with intricate detailing. The dining table setup is right beside the kitchen, for ease of service. The wall is ain a nice shade of beige with photo frames on it.

Dining Table with 6 chairs And Wall art

beige  dining room walls

The formal dining room setup is a bit elaborate, than that of the one adjoining the kitchen. It is rectangular in shape, made out of wood with a glass top, this piece is truly magnificent. The chairs are intricately carved out of wood. A beautiful chandelier and painting adorn the room.

 First of the four bedrooms

head board is nice

This is the first of the four bedrooms and is based on a beige shade. The head board is nice and fancy which matches the side tables. The bedding is in ivory with blue thread work done on it. The room is well carpeted.

Red and Gold Bedding

master bedroom

This bedroom is a tad different from the first one and features red and gold bedding and a dark brown wooden headboard with wrought iron detailing for added beauty. A side table with a lamp sit on one side of the table. Lots of throw in cushions add to the rooms comfortless.

Elegant Zebra Print bedding

beige and black zebra print bedding

This bedroom features a simple yet elegant look with black and white bedding, ornamental headboard with a light wooden finish which matches the side table. A photo frame hangs on the wall by the bed.

Disney themed kids room

kid's room

This kid’s bedroom is nice and colourful going with the Disney theme. It features blue walls, two single beds with rainbow hued bedding and a Mickey Mouse wall clock. In between the beds lies a side table with a lamp and a Mickey Mouse.

 Greenery on all sides

green garden on outside of villa

The property looks exceptional from outside with the feel of a villa. It features a lot of greenery on all sides. The entrance has been given a charming look with that of a Mediterranean villa look.

 Pristine And Blue  Outside Swimming Pool

child friendly outside swimming pool

You will be amazed to see how beautiful the pool looks. Its pristine and blue with different water slides, where the kids can have the time of their life.

 Light blue river stone tiling Pool

stone tiled swimming pool

The pool is freeform with light blue river stone tiling. The pool side features a lot of greenery and you can sit back and sock the sun right by the pool on the recliners or take a dip right into it.

Two Pool tables And Space in Games Room

two pool tables and space

The game room is quite equipped with two pool tables, a football table and space where you can sit and enjoy a nice game of chess. Otherwise you can also sweat it out in the gym just by the game room.

Love to play tennis?

Tennis court

Love to play tennis? Well, the house is equipped with a tennis court where you can face it off with your friends.

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