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Latest Modern House Design Ideas

Strange how much can be said about you and your preference through your choice of home designs. Simplicity also speaks volumes in this modern world. Owning a unique modern house design as a dream home is becoming most people’s dream. The modern house designs come in different shapes and styles. Elegance, minimalism and comfort for both exterior and interior home designing has become a hit.

While others go on to build a new modern house from start to finish using a modern house plan, other go for renovating an old build to create a vintage modern home design. Materials used to build modern houses range from concrete, wood, glass, metal and other architectural materials.

The list of modern homes we are showcasing in this post today show various latest modern house designs exteriors which could inspire you for your next project if you are planning on one.

Broombank Modern House, Suffolk

modern house suffolk,England

image source: souparchitects

Private modern house design built on the edge of the river Alde in Suffolk, England ,united kingdom  by Soup Architects. This brick and concrete structure building is set into the banks of the sloped site and accessed via a single-track lane that arrives into a sunken entrance courtyard, offering glimpses of the views beyond.

2.  Ultra Modern Home

utra modern

image source: white room

Elegant modern house exterior with contemporary semi circular glass balcony. Stunning combination of white concrete wall,wood features,glass ,metal and the modern lighting style.

3.  Modern Two-story House, Minneapolis

modern house

image source: lakecountrybuilders

New modern home with a flat roof. The black and white exterior walls look beautiful and smart. The material used for the exterior walls look like  the aluminium composite panel or cement board siding.

4. Design of Modern House , Vancouver

modern house canada

image source: kindredconstruction

New modern single family custom home design with concrete and glass windows. Like the glass balcony and the wrapping awning flat roof. The modern chimney design mimics the frame around the second floor of the home. Repeating a motif like this adds layers of interest to the design.

5. Baulinder Haus/ Modern House Design in Kansas City

modern house in Kansas City

image source: hufft

Baulinder Haus, Modern house with vertically oriented wood siding,simple forms and overhanging masses which were part of the Breuer’s modernist palette. The house’s form consists of a series of stacked boxes, with public spaces on the ground level and private spaces in the boxes above. The boxes are oriented in a U-shaped plan to create a generous private courtyard.

6. Modern House Design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

modern house in Kansas City

image source:

Modern design dream house with exposed brick stone pillars ,dark window frames around the large glass windows which acts as glass wall at the same time on the external design. Simple and modern with enough windows to let the light in. Red western clear cedar wood was used on the lower floor exterior design.  Great exterior architectural lighting, and mixture of materials.

7.  Stal Tre Hus (Steel Tree House)

Stal Tre Hus

image source: jls design

Modern cabin style house with second floor larger than the first floor . Cantilevered decks with deep overhangs , the cap extension could be added to the bedroom balcony or garage. Unique house architecture with nice color blend. Porch on the second floor forms a stylish entrance.

8.  House Modern Design, Omaha, NE
modern house design

image source: randybrownarchitects

Dorman Architects say “Laboratory House, by Randy Browne, Omaha, Nebraska. The cube-shaped living space of Randy Browne’s Laboratory House projects out into the landscape for a stunning view. Bridges and stairs connect the disparate elements of the house.”

9.  Contemporary Home, Winter Park Florida

modern house florida

image source: philkeandesigns

Modern house featuring clean lines and great architectural details. The house has a unique entrance of floating steps above moving water ,nice focal points and large areas of indoor and outdoor living spaces on both floors.

10.Modern House Entry

Radlett Family Home

image source: simshilditch

Modern house featuring clean lines and great architectural details. The house has a unique entrance of floating steps above moving water, nice focal points and large areas of indoor and outdoor living spaces on both floors.

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