Japanese Art Inspired Residence with the Asian Zen Calming Influence

Japanese art is about oriental influence and design but minimalist piece of furniture along with simple and sophisticated design to calm down the senses. The place looks like an abode of heaven. Since it is inspired by the Asian art samurai, hand fans and certain religious symbols incorporated from the Chinese religion is embedded into the platform.

Today we are showcasing a Japanese Art Inspired Residence with the Asian Zen Calming Influence. The calmness in the rooms and the entire area fills the mind with positive vibration and energy. Subtlety at its best with a combination of new and polished surfaces is the hallmark of the designed Japanese furniture. Scroll down for further viewing.

1. Cottage Like House Exterior With Green Pastures
The outside of the house looks like a cottage with greener pastures, black rectangular planks on the window by which the yellow light emitting from the inside can be seen. Lesser height canopy structure of terraced farming slope is the top most part.

2.  Modern Living Room With A Sitting Posture Buddha Art Decor Placed On Top Of The Cabinet
Living room combined with lobby is separated by a sliding wooden panel and thick white colored glass. In the living room grey colored sofa is placed with black polished low cabinet and on top a seating posture of Buddha is placed.

3.A Massive Area With A Combination Of Open Kitchen,Drawing Room And Dining With An Art Dining Table
A massive area with a combination of open kitchen, dining table and drawing room in each section is placed giving it an unearthly look. Wooden table with wooden chairs, White Square shaped sofa and a round black ring like table is placed on the hearth.

4.Sophisticated Living Room With A Japanese Porcelain Girl Statue Laying On The Sill Of The Window
A step down on the wooden plank is the arrangement of the living room with sofas, LCD television set, white shelves with showpiece and Japanese small umbrella is placed on the ground. Japanese porcelain girl statue lies on the sill of the window.

5.Modern Kitchen With A Japanese Art Tea Kettle
The kitchen has a wooden flooring with wooden table with granite top is built where the stove is placed. On the other side wash basin stands with white cabinets and shelf like space enclosed on top for keeping the famous Japanese tea kettle.

6.A Living And Dining Room With Japanese Art wicker Mats Placed On The Dining Table
The dining table is a traditional wooden plank with rough side of the round chair and wicker mats placed on top which is a four seating table. Chopsticks, chinaware cup and square bowls are arranged for the supper.

7.Modern Living Room With Two Japanese Art Square Black Frames Hanging On The Wall
Grey velvet conjoined sofas with a roughly triangular shaped glass table in the middle. The flooring is spread with rough carpet all over the place. Two square black frames hangs on the wall with golden leaf print on it. The door is sliding.

8.Traditional Bedroom With Japanese Art Wooden Roofing
The bedroom has a carpet area with wooden ceiling, bed and jigsaw wooden back of the bed looks radiant. Several cushions are placed on the bed. Another sliding door separates the washbasin and dressing area from the bedroom.

9.Contemporary Bathing Room With Japanese Art White Porcelain Flower Prints,Oval Shaped Bath Tub And Two Identical Oval Shaped Wash Basin
The bathroom opens with two identical oval shaped white porcelain wash basin on the wooden top chest of drawers. Big white porcelain bathing tub is placed in the side along with glass shower area. One wall is black granite with flower print.

10.Traditional Dining Area With Japanese Art Rocky Accent Wall
Traditional-dining-area-with-Japanese-art- rocky-accent-wall
The wooden ceiling, table and the lantern create the exotic Nippon decor while the rocky accent wall stands out as the glam factor.

11.Dining Area With Japanese Art Pristine Seating
A beautiful serene setting oozing a soothing view with pristine seating in the green backdrop.The wooden dining table and black cane chairs create a smart contrast.

12.An Exterior With Japanese Art Stone Setting Over The Little Pool
The stone seating over the little pool create the perfect dreamy setting for a romantic night after a cherishing dinner at the classy wooden dining area.

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