Shingles Roof house

Terrific houses designed by architects

Hiring an architect to design our houses based on what we want can be pricey. Lucky are those who can afford to do so but for the many that cannot what is done is to look for a design that they like and hire a building contractor to build it. It may sometimes not be what was originally planned since architects are professionally trained to make the floor plans of the house precise and perfect. Here are some designs of houses, modern and traditional, designed by architects that look terrific.

1.  Classic Cottage House Design

Classic Cottage

Image source: heydtdesigns

This traditional house design with a lovely walkway and garden is designed by an architect that really knows about perfect symmetry of the house. The interior of the house was done by a professional interior decorator and the house looks perfect.

 2.  Fairytale Cottages

small cottage

Image source: bccustomconstruction

This small cottage with a chimney and a portion of the exterior walls built with stones look lovely. The architect who designed this had a guest cottage in mind and this looks fabulous.

 3.  Sprawling House

Sprawling House

The architect made this Mediterranean inspired large sprawling house that looks fantastic. The brown colored smooth stone tiles used on the entryway made a wonderful contrast to the white exterior color of the house and the garden looks lovely.

 4.  Cute Farmhouse

Cute Farmhouse

image source: ourtownplans

This small house that was designed by an architect to fit the small plot looks marvelous. The white and gray stairs leading to a small porch looks right for the small space. The white and light great exterior paint for the house is great.

 5. Sherman Lake Home

grey and white house

image source: blansfieldbuilders

This grey and white house looks wonderful even when it is on a small scale. The large glass windows and doors will bring in natural lighting to the house. The small walkway using cement tiles that lead up to the small porch with a small garden at the side looks amazingly put together.

 6.  Twin Houses

small house design

This looks like a project for twin houses but still looks beautiful. The first house has a large screened area at the side with white and grey used for exterior color. The small house design looks perfect with stairs going up to a small covered porch area.

 7.  Narrow Lot Design

Narrow Lot Design

image source: mhkap

This may be a small house but the design done by the architect makes it look amazing. The second floor with its terrace is a great design and the bricked walkway makes it perfect for this house.

 8.  White House with Grey Roof

 Grey Roof house

This all white house with grey roof looks picture perfect with its white lattice designed fence, small well kept garden and a cemented driveway leading to the garage.

 9. Modern House Design

Modern House

image source: designsnw

This modern designed house that looks like an opened box looks fantastic. The clever design is through the terrace at the first floor. It may look like it can be closed but it is permanent.

10.  Brick Accents And Shingles Roof

Shingles Roof house

image source: mpkelley

This is a design for a small sprawling house that looks neat and compact. The stone tiles used on the walkway is lovely and the well manicured lawn adds to the image.

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