Gumno House

Gumno House :Stone Wall Summer House by Turato Architects

You’ll find Gumno House in Risika, a small village located on the island of Krk, in Croatia. It proudly rises from its environment, dominating it in a graceful way. The building’s imposing stature and angular design is counterbalanced by the elegant organic elements surrounding it.

The stunning villa was designed by Turato Architects. Its concept, much like its name, comes from “gumno”, meaning threshing floor. In the past, it served as a place for labor, endeavor and social gatherings. While keeping the old gumno, preserving its heritage, the architects came with an ingenious solution, giving the concept a contemporary twist.

Initially designed to be a vacation house for a family of four, Gumno house turned into their permanent residence. If you are interested in the reasons why this contemporary beauty had such a great impact on its inhabitants, check out the facts below.

1. Belonging

Gumno House

The Gumno House has a dominating stature, but it beautifully blends in by combining modern and traditional elements in its composition. It reminds of a Frank Lloyd Wright quote, saying
“No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. “

2. Dynamics

gumno house

According to the architects, the house “assembles, blends, and compresses three different ambiances”, each bringing their contribution to the outcome of the design. Starting from a massive, hollowed out basement, the composition continues with a steel framed square body with glazed walls, and ends with a radial structure.

3. Gumno

Gumno House

The stone paved circular structure is of a great importance, as it sets the tone for the organic lines. Its rough, vibrating texture contrast with the modern materials. It aids in creating continuity and flow. The traditional material is also incorporated in the main body of the house and in the fifth facade. This intervention makes the house blend in naturally in its environment.

4. Interaction

circular structure

Surrounded by vegetation, the stone adds a traditional touch to this contemporary design. The contrast between old and new, textured and smooth, is appealing to the eye. In the house plans, the circular structure doubles as a natural, stone padded bench. It becomes a place that encourages social interaction, perpetuating one of the gumno’s traditional purposes.

5. Contradiction

gumno house
Approaching the house, one will notice the strong contrast between the soft, organic lines and the rough, straight ones; the contradiction between the circular shapes and the angular ones. The contradiction provides dynamism. In fact, the entire concept was created based on it, from functionality to aesthetics.

6. Correlation

Gumno house interiors
A house sells its interior just like a cover sells a book. When buying a book, you judge the cover because it gives you a hind on what’s written inside. Same with architecture, the outside and the inside should be correlated. In Gumno house, the two mediums strongly communicate, sharing the same concept. There’s the same contradiction present, the same harmonious transition.

7. Interlacing

gumno house

According to the architects, “The Gumno house accommodates three completely different contents, long wished for by all family members”, namely a rustic cellar, serving as a gathering and storage space, a spacious living room and an outdoor swimming pool. In the living room, spaces and circulation are cleverly defined by the planes of the ceiling. Their diagonal lines guide the observer towards the terrace.

8. Direction

swimming pool
On the terrace, an irregularly shaped pool basks in the sunlight. It provides an amazing view over the Crikvenica Riviera. The terrace accommodating it has a strong, forceful triangular geometry, giving the Gumno house a direction.

9. Individuality

gumno house bedroom

Gumno House is build with social interaction in mind. However, a radial structure breaks this concept. It contains four small units, offering an intimate and private setting for each member of the family. According to the architects, each protruding unit searches for “its own view and orientation”.

10. Attraction

 Gumno House
It’s easy to see why the family turned Gumno House, from a summer home, into their permanent residence. It attracts through its every trait. Gumno was designed to be both a gathering place and a private oasis of relaxation. It provides “tranquility and calm” and can easily turn into a setting that encourages interaction and communication.

We were utterly fascinated by the Gumno House and its “traditional meets contemporary” design. From the concept to the final product, the house’s story seduces through its every line. Its narrates an intricate plot and unexpected twists. It’s a story worth reading, a house worth discovering. Are you as spellbounded as we are? Dare to share your opinion.


Currently studying architecture, I'm enamored of all visual arts. My path in architecture started with drawing. The childish play soon developed into a passion and then into a choice of profession. Architecture taught me a lot of things that can be applied in interior design. I'll share with you my perception of space along with tips on how to manipulate it to suit your needs. Enjoy!


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