Luxury superb Gibbes Beach Barbados Residence in West Coast with Beautiful sea views

This inspiration Barbados Residence has extensive beach frontage with direct access to the supurb built in Gibbes Beach on Barbados, West Coast.  Gibbes Beach is fringed only by private residences. It was designed by architect Larry Warren, it has six generously scaled bedroom suites, a gym, snooker room, bar, private tennis court,  pool and gazebo and is embraced by stunning tropical gardens all with a twist in the style makes the property remarkable.  Four Winds blends a touch of Oliver Messel inspired style with local vernacular architectural elements to create a truly remarkable signature home.

 vintage resort

A cottage with three or more jutted together in the midst of halogen bulbs hanging from above and green meadows with tall palm tree kind of resemblance. Blue sky can be easily seen from the top of the cottage. It looks as if it is a vintage resort with modern touch.

swimming pool views

A huge swimming pool with resting chairs that have red and white stripes and red umbrellas protecting the people from sun is the backdrop of the place. Huge green trees on either side rest as a shade and give it a beach form.

outdoor dining zone

A dining zone with round table and white chairs, tree lights, candles on top of the table rests as a candle light feel to the place. A huge water body amassing the entire area gives it a multitude looks- gothic at the same time serene.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool in the middle of meadow and alongside a huge water body is something very uncommon and unseen before. A wicker tent like area for sitting and a balcony at the top from which the entire view comes in front of the eyes is seen.

white tiles

Mini black and white tiles with white tiles surrounding the entire wall gives a Turkish look to it. A sink with a mirror and a separate mirror is also embedded on the tiled walls. Bath tub, a low rod for keeping the towels and a white chair lies in one corner. From two sides the door open leading to the garden.

four poster bed

A bedroom that lies in the corridor has a canopy on top of the bed with black pillars and black rod bed stands as a piece of antique in the bedroom. Two lamp shades lie beside the bed and in front giving it a luminous look. The ceiling is also in white wood.

living room with character

A living room with open dining room without the dining table has a lot of space. It is a marble shelf in a curved manner. It looks as if everything is in white porcelain. A marble fire place with two shelves jutted in the walls that have a semi circular shape on top. In one Buddha’s face acts as a show piece and in the other a flower vase.

rusted cabinets

A massive kitchen with rusted cabinets on top and in downs with marbled shelf, a fan, a window, mini round lights form the basis of the kitchen.

exotic staircase design

A zig zag patterned staircase area which is never seen before is the highlight of the area. It is a green coloured staircase all the way with three lights- two fitted on the entrance and one hangs in between. The tiling is crème marble.

modern villa with nice sea views

A massive blue water body has open expanse that stretches to miles and miles. Such a big water body is hardly noticed in any villa.

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