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Elaborate Victorian House Exteriors

The Victorian design or period designs from another era are trending and will always be trendy for generations to come. In San Francisco alone, residents have adopted the Victorian design in the exterior and interior of their homes. They are showcases that we can admire from afar and fervently hope that maybe someday we may also own a similar house as this. Though it is pricey to have the whole house upgraded and made to look Victorian, some touches can be done to make a modern Victorian design. Stained glass for one thing is a Victorian design that can be done to our own homes. Here are some elaborate Victorian house exteriors that would amaze you in their designs.

 1. Plum Colored House

Plum colored house with large bay windows

This plum colored house is gothic enough with its large bay windows and long stairs. The house seems to be located alongside a street and you can just imagine the admiration that it draws.

 2.  Queen Anne Style Home

Blue house

This blue house with turrets on the roof is an inspired Queen Anne Victorian design. The elaborate patterns on the garage, top of the main entrance and topmost room is sign enough of Victorian design. The large bay windows are fantastically designed.

3. Victorian Style House ,New York

Contemporary Victorian house design

source: degnandesign

This is a contemporary Victorian house design that still has the gables and the wide covered porch that are pure Victorian. The well maintained garden highlights the house making it look fabulous.

 4.  Victorian House Design Front Facade

Beige colored house

image source: cardeabuildingco

This beige colored house with gables, long stairs and bay windows are the sure signs that it is Victorian inspired. That small elaborately designed window above the garage looks amazing.

 5.  Victorian House With Turrets

Big house

This big house with turrets and gables looks like a mini castle that is set down in the middle of a bustling modern city which is it exactly. The incongruity of a castle like structure could be compared to the small red modern car that is parked outside the gates.

 6.  Victorian Gothic Gables House

Gable house with bay windows

image source: seallp

The grey color of this gables house is gothic enough to be a little bit scary during the night. The pumpkins placed on the steps of the house add to the image. Scary or not the house is fabulous with those bay windows and the glass paned front door.

 7. Restored Old Victorian House

Victorian house with blue colored glass

image source: paintpartner

This is a restored old house that has a Victorian design. The gables are a dead giveaway and the blue colored glass on the upper floor window protected by a fence of white balusters is another.

 8.  Victorian House Design With Stone Chimney

Modern house design

image source : oakleyhomebuilders

This is a modern house design and the stone walls look lovely against the wide covered terrace and those gables with a stone chimney in their midst looks wonderful.

 9.  Queen Anne Victorian Design

Victorian house with white balusters

This is a Queen Anne Victorian design that has white balusters surrounding the round shaped terrace. The elaborate designs on the walls are awesome.

10.  Blue And White Victorian House

Victorian house with gabled roof

This blue and white house looks amazing. The gabled roof with a figure of a man at the highest point is a lovely accent.

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