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Stunning contemporary House Style with Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools in Sotogrande Alto Spain

A charming contemporary House Style nestled in the very heart of Sotogrande , Alto Spain , this villa is designed in quite a contemporary style and made with highest quality material. A special attraction about this villa are the outdoor as well as the indoor pool, a padel tennis and tennis court, a cinema, space for garaging 10 cars to name a few. This property has been given a grand Mediterranean look to itself, is amply spaced and give you a luxurious feel right from entrance. It is well equipped with a contemporary kitchen, spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, a modern dining area, an outdoor seating arrangement, which oozes out comfort.

Modern Outdoor Swimming Pool Area


A mere look at the villa is enough to fall deeply in love with the property. It is impeccably designed with a Mediterranean look to it, features an outdoor swimming pool, which adds to its grandeur. The villa is two storied with white exteriors which complements the sparkling g blue water of the pool.

Outdoor Living room Area
luxury outdoor living room

The outdoor seating arrangement is comfort at its very best, featuring an all white setup. Beanbag inspired couches have been used to create seating space for eight people, which a unique centre piece adds that something extra to the decor. The entire setup is under a canopy for that authentic Mediterranean feel.

Open Kitchen And Dining Area

open space kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is quite minimalistic and gives you a great view while you are fixing up something delicious. The kitchen features a granite countertop with wooden laminate work on the sides. It includes stoves, a grill, and enough storage space. A dining arrangement has also been created by the kitchen counter.

Large Modern Dining Room
meeting room area

The dining room setup is basic yet attractive. A wooden dining table is surrounded by 14 chairs to give it ample seating space. A dash of colour has been added to this decor with a freeform chandelier. A chest sits by the dining table adjacent to a mirrored wall.

Creative Glass Staircase Design

Creative stair case

Two sided staircase to the second floor open right up into the central atrium of the house for a dramatic look. White is the choice of colour throughout, while dark wooden laminate shave been used on the stairs. The staircases feature glass railings.

Open  Modern White and brown Living room

open modern  living room

A grand living room setup has been created to create a classy space with ample seating arrangements. Two L shaped sofas side adjacent to each other with a number of throw in cushions add to the comfort quotient. The centre tables are low setting and complete made of beige marble.

Luxury Indoor Cinema Room

indoor cinema room

For movie lovers out there, this villa features a private cinema with a huge screen, comfortable seating arrangement, which gives the look and feel that you are within a theatre. Get served by butlers while you are enjoying your favourite flick.

5 Cars Big  Garage


The garage is perfectly spacious and can accommodate as many as eight cars with ease. The decor is also quite fascinating and a lot of beige has been used in different shades to do it up is a stylish way.

 Contemporary House Style

modern house lighting

Pristine at its very best the outdoor pool sits right outside the villa. While you take a dip or just relax into the pool, you can let the beauty of the ambience and he villa sink in gradually.

Large Indoor Swimming Pool

modern indoor swimming pool

The indoor pool side is equally charming as the outdoor one. With recliners on both side, and special arrangements of a bar on another, relaxation takes a whole new definition here.

Full Length View Of Indoor Swimming Pool

indoor swimming pool

The indoor pool has been tiled with green river stone while the water is absolutely crystal clear. You can work out by the pool and then direct jump into it for cooling down.

Views Of Luxury bar Area

Modern Bar Area

The ground floor has a wine cellar fully stacked with lip smacking wines. Open up a bottle and relax by the pool or under the canopy.

Floor Plan And Ground Plan

house plan of modern house

The blue print of the villa gives a better idea of the different room positioning, the landscaped area and all in all a deeper insight into the property.

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