Farmhouse with warehouse windows

Charming Modern Farmhouse Design

Farmhouses used to be quite large houses on a large tract of land that includes a barn. They may be two stories high or a big sprawling house. Large families were the norm in times past and that’s why houses and even furniture like the dinner table tend to be large and heavy designs meant to be sturdy and long lasting. Modern times have changed the look of the farm house. The large rambling houses of old has now become smart and compact bungalows or if large, spruced up with structures at the sides. It now has driveways when before it was all garden. Here are some modern farmhouse designs that we think represent the farmhouse today that still retain their rustic and charming ways.

1. Modern farmhouse

Farmhouse with warehouse windows

This big modern farmhouse still retains the rustic charm that it is known for by using wood for the exterior and interior. The two storey house looks wonderful with those warehouse windows and a separate structure.

2. Farmhouse With Beautiful Trees

White farmhouse

Image source: cuppettarchitects

The driveway paved with gravel looks neat and perfectly served as the perfect foil to the white farmhouse. The large house has a wonderful design of connecting the two separate structures through a glass paneled windows and doors.

3. Flat Panels And Battens

Flat Panels And Battens

Image source:cuppettarchitects

This large wood structured farmhouse set in a vast tract of land looks like the farmhouse during the old times. The well planned house looks fantastic against a backdrop of a forest of trees and plants.

4.  White Colored Farmhouse

Farmhouse with gables

Image source: designsnw

This beautiful white colored farmhouse with gables looks charming with a separate structure at the sides. The well kept lawn of the large plot that it stands on with a small roadway is a traditional design that looks lovely against the tall trees at the back.

5.  Farmhouse With Corrugated Roofing

Modern farmhouse design

Image source: olsenstudios

This is a modern designed farmhouse with an asphalted driveway. The gates may look traditional inspired from the corral gates that were used before.

6.  Great Front Elevation And Metal Roof

Large farmhouse

Image source: simpsondesigngroup

This large farmhouse used wood for structure and looks great against the well manicured lawn and cement tile stepping stones. The extension for an open dining room is a lovely design.

7.  Custom Farmhouse Design Plan

Small farmhouse

Image source:simpsondesigngroup

The asphalt and cement driveway give a structured look to the compact design of this small farmhouse. The tall trees surrounding the house are fantastic accents.

8. Modern Style Farmhouse

Farmhouse with a covered porch

Image source:arcanumarchitecture

This small white farmhouse is modern designed and could even be used in urban setting for small houses. The covered porch is a charming design.

9. Rustic Farmhouse With Bark Siding

Charming small farmhouse

Image source: goneaudishner

This farmhouse may be small but it more than makes up for its small size by being so charming. The red color painted on the large wood planks at the side of the house is a fantastic contrast to the brown and gray colored main structure in the middle. Great use of reclaimed Materials

10. Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse with a wide open porch

Image source:hendelhomes

The wide open porch is a great design that gives personality to this large white farmhouse. The color of the roof is fantastic and contrasted wonderfully with the white exterior color of the house.

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