Charming Contemporary Home Interiors and Exteriors in Bilthoven, Utrecht

 Oudman, Bilthoven Residence

It is everyone’s dream to own a spacious contemporary home at least  once in a lifetime. We fantasise on how our dream home would be built, the whole architecture and the beautiful interior design it should have. Well this post today brings certain dreams of owning a beautiful home to reality.  This  Bilthoven Residence has modern architecture with amazing exterior views as well as interiors. We can see there is a balcon outside and an outdoor dining space and green plants and trees making it eco friendly home.

The designer studio villa is situated in Westerpark which is the business centre. The architecture studio of the Clisjters gives space for a designer and creative project. The property details are to be found in this Charming Contemporary Home with beautiful Interiors and Exteriors  located in Bilthoven, Utrecht .

Balcony And Gadern View

Balcony And Garden View

image source: clijsters

situated in a park side. The villa is wide with white paint and sliding glass doors. From the front it gives the picture of a two storey bungalow with the second storey having a balcony. Light purple flowers are grown on the corner of the park.

Garage door view of the modern house

garage door view
image source: clijsters

A side view shows a very different net mesh like door design and open parking for the sports car. It is a very urban contemporary feel to the entire designer studio. The roof is elongated and acts as a shade for the cars.

Staircase view through the window

staircase design
image source: clijsters
The opening of the bungalow looks porcelain white with yellow bulb lights casting a reflection on the alleyway. The glass mirror on the outside also reflects the lighted panel of the inside. The stair case of the house is seen from the mirror outside.

Exterior views of the contemporary home

exterior views of the contemporary home
image source: clijsters

During the night the entire villa is lighted with soft hue of the bulb. The outside of the house has sofas nestled in the ambush with half tree branch acting as a modern piece of art alongside the sofa. The grass is also laid with carpeted steps.

Outdoor  dining area of the modern home

outdoor  dining area of the modern home
image source: clijsters
Two sets of dining area can be seen- one acts as an open dining along with sleek white wooden table and box chairs and an inside round table with chairs. Round potted plants are kept in the open dining table. See through sliding doors are attached that separates the outer dining zone with the drawing room.

Modern Bedroom Views Through Glass Walls

modern master bedroom
image source: clijsters

The bedroom of the villa is extremely beautiful that gives out a somber mood. All white furniture with white bed spread, beach white chairs and grayish tinge of wooden wall on the head stand of the bed completes the all glass sliding door room.

Dining Room And Outdoor Dining Views

Dining Room And Outdoor Dining
image source: clijsters
The inside dining table is round with white table top and bluish grey chairs. A lantern like hanging on the top has white round leaf like structures. All white curtains overseeing the garden and the outside area makes it convenient for the dwellers to have a healthy meal.

Minimalist Modern Home Office

home office with white furniture
image source: clijsters
A mini office in the studio is made out by putting a shelf over the white wall folding chairs. The downside of the table has Mozart like diagram. Wooden cupboards rest in one side of the wall. Mac book and other essential items of the work are kept on the table.

Minimalist Small Living room

small living room
image source: clijsters
The living room seems to be full of brown shades with round sofa and box sofas with a furry mattress and antique pieces. The living room is airy and well ventilated. A wooden cabinet surrounds one side of the wall.

Charming Contemporary Home

contemporary home extriors
image source: clijsters

The back side of the studio opens on the main road. Much of its beauty is hidden by the gloomy street lights and black pavement. Green pants and yellow trees hide most of the part of the designer studio.

 nieuwbouw villa O. Bilthoven House Plan

contemporary home house plan
A design layout of the studio shows that the entrance leads to the hall then to the toilet. On one side is the corridor which further leads to cinema room of the house. Then adjacent to the cinema room is the living room and a kitchen. Dining room is situated near to the kitchen. Apart from the structures there is a covered terrace and an open terrace. There is also a storage room with bicycle storage, an office and a corporate room.

Floor Plan Of This Contemporary Home

floor plan of O. Bilthoven  residence
image source: clijsters
Layout of the first floor shows a corridor, terrace, dressing room, bathroom, room for laundry, a technical room and two rooms- one children’s room and the other as master’s bedroom. The plan of the project is elaborated and detailed.

Landscape Plan of this contemporary Plan

house plan landscape
image source: clijsters
An altogether layout of the space for open area and the space inside the studio is shown. Some places are highlighted while the others are not. Distinct places have been marked out with prominence and the others are left with other markings. It is a type of a sketch.



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