House exterior built on a sloping plot

Modern Country House : Casa MP by Studio Arthur Casas

According to Arthur Casas of Casa MP Studio his intention was to have the house unnoticed from street perspective, therefore the rugged topography of the land was important. It’s common in São Paulo to have a house in the City and an extra house, most of the time, in a residential condominium with golf camp, 1 or 2 hours from the City of São Paulo, obviously for a certain social class. These are mostly residences for the weekend and this residence is an example of it.

It’s about a young couple, 35 years old, with 2 young kids (a couple) 5 and 8 years old . A bright house and a view of the golf camp incorporated into the project are the only requirements from the owners. I used organic materials such as wood (Cumaru from sustainable handling) and old brick from demolition. Many openings with a beautiful view to the golf course, interconnected spaces, generous convenience areas and plenty comfort mainly.

House exterior built on a sloping plot

View of the home featuring exterior brick and wooden structure with other building material combination. One side of the home is elevated above the swimming pool. Great outdoor space for the family and fiends to relax .

House exterior with a green lawn and trees

When you look at this unique home design, you can see the different layers the flat roofs have  and the beautiful exterior structure of the house which makes it stylish. People from inside the home can see right through to the swimming pool and green lawn yard outside.

Moder country house with dramatic lighting

When you enter the home volume you see a horizontal opening on each side, a zenithal one above and a vertical one in front, all framing the bucolic landscape and bringing light to the staircase and all three floors.

Modern country house lighting idea

Casa MP looks amazing in the evening with its dramatic use good lighting around the house.

Country house located on a steep sloping plot

Wooden upper area

Now we a different view of Casa MP house , you can tell the house is located on the steep slope with part of it embedded in the earth volume.  The upper area can be accessed through some brick covered steps that complements with the wall.

Country house with a relaxing and mesmerizing view around it

The home’s country side location means it takes advantage of the Beautiful green landscapes views around it while embracing nature.

Outdoor swimming pool design

Infinite edge swimming pool covered in travertine marble with beautiful blue sky and green landscape views.

Open ground floor plan

On the ground floor are the common areas. To the left a living room is dominated by a suspended fireplace chimney covered in limestone. It is next to the kitchen open to a courtyard with a vertical garden. On both sides large glass doors can be pivoted as garage gates, allowing total integration with the golf course landscape.

Airy living area design

This living room has both indoor and outdoor connections. On the first floor were placed the private areas of the house, divided in two sections, one for the family and the other for guests. Doors in the corridor allow creating two distinct apartments.

Living area furniture idea

Open layout living room with contemporary sleek furniture, light reflects well on the area rug on the floor while the fireplace look stylish and modern.

Kitchen area with a kitchen island

White and brown modern kitchen with kitchen island and stylish bar stools. The wooden floor  is raised up a little from the area where the kitchen island is placed.

Kitchen area with modern equipments

Elegant kitchen fixtures and fittings ,the white island and cabinets,furniture and kitchen appliances are all modern making it the best place to prepare food.

Living area with sleek high-quality furniture

Living room with spacious interior design and high quality furniture opens to the swimming pool outside. Underneath the wall mounted living room is a modern fireplace.

Gorgeous bedroom with the soft area rug

Hotel style bedroom looking very cozy with the soft area rug and the white colors . It has a huge window which allow the entry of natural light into the space. It also looks gorgeous with that lounge chair on the edge as well as the wooden features.

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