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Broombank Modern House Design by Soup Architects, Suffolk

Beautiful Broombank modern house design made from homemade bricks by Soup Architects in Suffolk, East Anglia and in England. This new built house is on the edge of the River Alde, set into the banks of the sloped site. It has a single-track lane access that arrives into a sunken entrance courtyard offering broad views of the landscape beyond.

Large, sliding glass doors allow the surrounding landscape to be ever present throughout the house and carefully positioned rooflights allow day/sunlight to fill the spaces throughout the day. The use of naturally finished oak panels, power floated white concrete floors internally is complimented by the continuation of the handmade Petersen bricks from outside. The injection of small amounts of vibrant colour to the kitchen and bathrooms give the project a strong material richness.

Modern House Design

Modern House Design

Swimming Pool Landscape

yard with Swimming Pool

The client wanted to create a relaxed contemporary house within a reconsidered natural landscape that blurred the site boundaries to its neighbours and adjoining marshland. The undulating wild turf lawn creates a softened edge to the house into which the black lined pool extends.

House Design And landscape

House Design And landscape

The brick walls meander through and retain the banked landscape, offer a glimpse of the wetlands beyond. The timber lined entrance hall leads the eye first up through a top-lit glass atrium roof and then out through the long glass wall to the distant view.

Broombank Home Design Suffolk

brick exterior

The thermal mass of the concrete floors, masonry walls built into the earth bank and highly insulated sedum roofs help to maintain an excellent ambient internal temperature. An integrated MVHR heat recovery system ensures the demand for internal space heating is kept to a minimum and solar water panels on the roof supplement the demand for hot water all year around.

White Brick Exterior

white brick exterior

This house creates an extraordinary unfolding relationship to an expansive watery landscape with a very limited and controlled material palette of pale grey linear bricks, plaster and timber.

Contemporary Staircase

 staircase design

The oak lined entrance space set behind the ground floor pale grey brick facade is continued through the house to the informal, angular living areas that open out into the expansive marshland landscape to the south.

White dining Table with yellow Chairs

yellow Chairs

The minimalist design belies the adaptability and liveability of the house: a large wooden sliding wall can separate the family room from the rest of the house.

Contemporary Glass Stair Railing

Stair glass railing

Kitchen And Dining Room Interiors

Room Interiors

Contemporary Kitchen

contemporary dining and kitchen

Minimalist Living Room

kitchen and dining  views

The glass sliding wall allows the house to open out to the landscape and allows natural light to come into the house.

Views Of landscape From Inside Broombank House

design ideas

Folding shutters to the upstairs bedroom creates a direct visual and acoustic link to the atrium and rest of the house. In the end, the careful geometric and material choices are augmented by an exemplary control of light and views.

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