Contemporary home design

10 Best Modern House Designs

Modern houses feature a lot of glass, steel, and concrete. Open floor plans are also a key element in this style. Here are some ideas that will help you make the dream house that you have in your mind to become a reality. They range from vacation cabins, to concrete homes to wood cottages and even country style.

What set a home design apart from the rest are not just its lines and style but also its materials. So, aside from the design, you will be able to see homes that make use of various materials for their exteriors which greatly contribute to their look. Now, feast your eyes on the modern home designs below and pick which one you like best for your own dream home.

Laboratory house by Randy Brown Architects

Laboratory house design

The house is like a celebration of geometry. It is a wonderful blend of light and elevation. The bridge that is well lighted connects you to the main house and creates a wonderful transition. The cube shaped house has a certain play-fullness.

Modern Family House Exterior Vancouver

Family house with glass railings

The house is a certain sort of square shape to it and a chimney that rises above the level of the second storey. The glass railings that make the balcony space and the flat roof makes the house very appealing.

Contemporary Home Exteriors , Orlando

Contemporary home exterior design

The house features a very different entrance that has floating steps. The garden area that the house boasts in the front is commendable. The clean lines and attractive focal points with good concept of space utilization and usage of large areas for living area both indoors and outdoors define the house.

Contemporary House Exteriors Los Angeles

Contemporary house exterior design

The driveway has been lined with grass and the pillars look like a piece of art. The house has been well structured in shades of grey and has been well balance with the light. The modern structure and a drive down garage are the key features of the house.

Modern House Landscape Los Angeles

Artificial grass has been so artistically used as a floor rug

In public gardens or private spaces, the concept of sculptured gardens have been trending. The artificial grass that has been so artistically used as a floor rug and the chairs that look like over sized pebbles make a great combination and a creative art installation.

Mitchell Residence , Aspen Mountain in Aspen, Colorado.

Stairs that lead you till the entrance

The house is not very open but yet shows and displays just the amount needed. The house has a clean structure that elevates on the top. The stairs that lead you till the entrance and the use of small yellow lights around the passage of the house also looks beautiful.

Modern Lake Home , Minneapolis

 Wonderful blend of the natural greenery

It is a wonderful blend of the natural greenery and the man made structure. At the rise of a hill, a box like white structure has been made. The design is simple but has a unique edge to it. It is a step closer to building a relationship between the nature and you.

Modern House, Beverly Hills

Modern house design

The house has modern designs and has glass railing in the balcony. The space outside has been well utilized for seating purposes and the infinity pool is something worth spending for.

Contemporary Home  Newport Headland ,Sydney Australia

Contemporary home design

The house has strong horizontal clean lines with a creative visual emphasis that defines the house. There is a outside moving balcony that makes the first floor of the house look like it is floating.

Robinson Hammett Residence , Vancouver


The house is situated on a hill top

The house is situated on a hill top or a cliff and is sure to provide a magnificent view. It provides you with a good balance between the coldness of the house structure and the surrounding greenery.


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