Designer house with lots of glass windows

Best Interior for Designer Houses

Just like there are designer bags, there are designer houses. Designer houses are those that are made by high profile architects or follow highly coveted designs and layout plans. However, it is said that the outside appearance of a house is not the only thing that matters. The interior of a house should also come at par with the outside appearance.  In a designer house exterior and interior should go well together with each other. When the two clicks, it is certain that the designer house lives up to its principle of looking good and providing a home that’s luxurious. Always put in mind that a designer house is made for the purpose of giving owners all amenities they need in their homes.  So here are some amazing exterior of designer houses and interior design ideas to match

1.   Modern Exterior Design

Modern exterior surrounded with green grass

Most designer houses are in modern contemporary forms. They look fresh and unusual, usually going for the box type and flat roof instead of triangular roof, which is good as a flat roof can be converted to a garden area. Also most designer houses are separated in different areas and can be very transparent in the exterior.

2.   Wooden House Exterior

Wooden house exterior design

It is also usual for designer houses to use environment friendly materials. Instead the materials usually used are synthetic materials that copy the looks of wood and timber. Other materials used can also come in natural colors like brown, white, or black.

3.   Extraordinary Home Exterior Design

Designer house with lots of glass windows

It is also usual to find designer houses with lots of glass windows. The windows actually add more to the charm of the exterior of the house. It also helps make the interior look brighter and more air gets inside the house, reducing the need for light and air conditioning.

4.   Exterior And Landscaping Are Very Chic And Exceptional 

Exterior and landscaping design

Most modern houses are designed for comfort and luxury. Hence the exterior and landscaping are very chic and exceptional. Most of these houses are also unique and one of a kind in terms of the outside appearance, and the interior as well.

5.   Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist living room with a coffee table at the center

For designer houses, minimalist interior can also be a perfect match. For the living room go for big sofas and chairs with comfortable padded materials. To complete the minimalist look just add a coffee table at the center of the room and a few lighting fixtures. The rest of the living room fixtures can be mounted on walls, like the television or speakers.

6.   contemporary Kitchen Design

Modern and chic kitchen area

The kitchen area in a designer house is also very modern and chic. Expect world class modern technology seen in the refrigerator, oven, stove, and other kitchen equipment. Also it is very organized and uncluttered due to the expansive storage spaces like hanging cabinets and dish drawers.

7.   Black,White House Interior

Kitchen with breakfast area

Often in designer houses a kitchen is integrated with a breakfast area or dining area. This means most designer houses don’t have a separator for these two rooms. This is very effective as one can go from preparing food to directly serving it in the dining table.  It’s also good because one can entertain guests as he or she is preparing food while their guests enjoy at the table.

8.   Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom with a big and comfortable bed

Bedrooms are also expansive and often minimalist in nature. Most designer houses often go for big and comfortable beds. Fabrics are also in line with the whole theme or color of the bedroom. You also will find adorable storage spaces that have multiple functions and are also efficient. Art pieces are also hanging on the walls.

9.   Spacious Closet In A Designer House 

Separate closet near the bedroom

For designer houses it is possible to have a separate closet near your bedroom. Closets in a designer house are spacious and not crammed. They are integrated with lots of storage spaces and things can be organized according to types or colors. As such, it would be easier to locate what you need.

10.   Bathroom And Massage Room

Spacious and airy bathroom

Designer house bathrooms are often filled with other extra amenities that aren’t usually found in ordinary bathrooms, such as a sauna and a massage room. Bathrooms are also spacious and airy. This room is a perfect point to show that designer houses are made for luxury, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Sunshine graduated with a Degree of BSIED Drafting Technology. She once dreamed of running her own online business firm and first began writing and designing websites from a young age. She developed a passion for Houses, building and Interior designing and began taking on clients while still in college. ​ Sunshine oversees the creative direction at Sunshine Outsourcing as well as business development. Sunshine's charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base. Sunshine is very generous and a true leader to her firm and people

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