Beautiful Modern landscapes And Exteriors of the Lakewood Residence

The Lake wood residence by Murdock Solon  features an exotic L-shaped house design with inspirational modern landscapes for simplist and better outside views for bothe public and private owners of the residence.
It has an  elegant feature staircase connects the ground floor living spaces with a cantilevered second floor for the sleeping areas. The house is made of concrete walls painted in white, part of the walls made of solid face of zinc panels.
and white cementitious stucco.  This modern home has glazed glass wall panels in most parts of its walls which gives occupants views out on the landscaped yards and provides abundance of natural light
for the family dining and living spaces.

 outside you can see a glass door

From the outside you can see a glass door that leads you to the living room of the residence. There is a staircase inside which is seen from outside. There are wooden planks outside and big trees that abound the entire place.

mini grassy area with plants
The green field is like a mini grassy area with plants and round shrubs placed on the floor. The place looks well cultivated with low walls and big square tiles arranged as the flooring. It seems to be the backside of the place.

 tree has big and long climbers

Another angle of the same place that is the mini grassy place gives a clear scene of the fertility. The tree has big and long climbers hanging from it. A passage leads to the house from the grassy place itself.

wooden and cemented walls

A side of the view of the house shows that there is lot of glass doors that abounds the wooden and cemented walls. The green grass cuts through the area as the carpet. A top window structure of the upper floor can be seen from outside.

 wooden staircase

The front view shows the similar picture of the inside with glass doors and wooden flooring, wooden staircase all in white with plants sloping down the house. Small lights are fitted on the ceiling of the outside slope.

 usage of glass door

The usage of glass door is very much evident from the outside. Be it the door, the walls or the upper glass door. The wall is cemented with white colour.

 ground floor has big doors

A side portion or even a corner shows that the second floor slightly juts out from the first floor. The ground floor has big doors and the upper floor has windows with trees surrounding the area and the green ground is in sync with the trees.

 white passage

Angular divisions and corners are highlighted of the entire place. The white passage leads the way to one corner of the house. You have to enter through the creepers of the tree.
 inside of the house

The inside of the house shows a beautiful all in white structure with sofas, tiles and staircase with back wooden finish. There is little space from the back of the staircase to keep certain things.

dining room next staircase
The front picture of the staircase shows that it is made up of wooden planks and wooden long handles with white paint in two sides of the stairs. Sliding glass doors from the staircase leads to a view of the outside.
Full version of the inside shows white tiles, wooden table and white chairs with white ceiling and glass door. The place looks spacious with minimal furniture. The setting has been planned in such a way that the place looks very neat and clean devoid of any extra bling.

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