arc shaped swimming pool

Beautiful Modern Cosmopolitan Town Villa with Traditional Architecture

A 1980s 7 bedroom villa located in Estoril, Lisbon Coast set on a 1428sqm piece of land. The property is Surrounded by a nice garden with porch, beautiful trees and pool. It has a nice terrace with barbecue, garden, pool and 5 car garage. It is Cosmopolitan Town Villa which is nearby the beach,the town experiences excellent climate conditions perfect for making a such a house a holiday home. This residence is full of traditional architectural features both inside and outside.  The interior decoration of the house has an antique feel. The living room makes use of dark antique furniture and the drawing room . Love the feature wall in the living room and the large space dining room which has a large window that brings in natural light.  There is more to like about this traditional house design and more to learn from it.

smimming on private yard

A beautiful swimming pool surrounding the back of the house with greenery throughout the area of the villa gives a contemporary as well as urban look. The villa has a cage like opening and pink climbers reach up to the windows of the house.

small living room

An inside living room with has wooden flooring with carpet over the flooring, a huge round marble pillar and an inward bent ceiling. Lot of old antique is kept on the wooden floor. Glass case sliding door for an outside view opens to a plethora of plants.

 huge open dining area

A huge open dining area with dining tables and chairs made out of wood fills the room. A carpet beneath the dining table gives it a cosy feel. Different kind of chairs is kept amidst the dining table. On one wall round Persian plate is hung with a small one beneath the big one. A big plank of wooden material is placed from which curtains hang.

living room with feature wall

An old look to the living room is given with pink sofas and printed sofas. Wooden flooring with carpet is placed and a small and low wooden table is kept surrounding the sofas. A fire place with lot of framed writing hangs on the wall. The place is clustered with lot of things with pianos to lamp shades and television set.

balcony and a table for morning breakfast

A balcony overlooking the pink plants and green plants kept on the side marble panels with resting chairs and kept in the balcony and a table for morning breakfast and evening snacks can be enjoyed with calmness. Two rooms open from the balcony.

relaxing area

The room looks like a neatly stacked one with dim lighting, a sofa, one side table, a Turkish wall hanging, an elongated long glass window, a mannequin on which the clothes and hat hang. The flooring of the house is a combination of brown and white diamond shaped tiles. An old gold small bucket rests beside the sofa and a Christian trademark round green twig with cherries hangs on the upper part of the glass window.

shared bedroom with two beds

Pastel green and yellow striped poster bed with shimmery bed cover and the same vertical stripe of curtain with pastel yellow and green colour through which the glass door opens and a soft rug kind lies on top of the wooden flooring is all one sees in the bedroom. There are two identical beds. A mosaic table also lies in one corner.

arc shaped swimming pool

A triangular arc shaped swimming pool with low steps and green plants fill the entire place. Sunlight easily penetrates through the plants and shines on the water body. It seems as if it is the backyard of the villa.

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