White and wooden house structure

Beautiful Landscapes Of Casa Cubo Hillside Home

This Casa Cubo hillside home is a great example of how smart and contemporary design can be combined with warm and comfortable family living. Built as a modern and contemporary home with clean lines and standout features, once you step inside the home you appreciate the juxtaposition with warm colours, soft fabrics, and a focus on open plan and informal living.

You can transcend through the home, from the garden to the top floor, without feeling any disruption to the inviting and comforting atmosphere of the home. It’s partly minimal, with a warmer charm and more traditional touches throughout, with standout features that include vast floor to ceiling bookcases and a rustic and hidden swimming pool.

Join us on a tour of this unique and striking Casa Cubo home that will showcase and prove to you that beauty can be achieved by combining traditional styles to create your own perfect mix of warmth and style:

Transcending Architectural Design

White and wooden house structure

White structure with a window

Built into a hillside, the home has been designed to transcend with the slope of the hill to appear balanced and ensure space is evenly distributed throughout.

Narrow Rustic Pool Area
Narrow contemporary shape matches the home’s architecture
The home brings itself closer to nature and provides a relaxing getaway with this rustic and inviting pool area. Narrow contemporary shape matches the home’s architecture, which is complemented by warn hues and a rustic touch.

Engaging Living Room

Living room with warm colors
The living room has been transformed into a place that welcomes relaxation and engaging conversation with an informal layout, warm colours, and comfortable seating.

Informal Open Plan Living

Open plan living room with storage
For informal and open plan living, the home is welcoming and provides no barriers between rooms and functions.

Modern Staircase

Modern staircase design
Keeping the staircase open plan and minimal means that conversations and engagement can transcend between rooms and floors.

A Blank Canvas

White interior design
The architecture and hard interior design here is all white, which created a blank canvas for funky, minimal design and inviting colours.

Floor To Ceiling Bookcase

The bookcase is a key feature of the home
This floor to ceiling bookcase is a key feature of the home, and one that showcases the owners’ love of reading and thinking.

Soft And Natural Materials

Vast open space
There is plenty of stone and wood used in the home’s architecture, but the soft colours and vast open spaces make the natural materials feel soft and accessible instead of cold and rigid.

Colourful Accents

Modern living room
The colour palette is this home isn’t too strict, but in this living room a strict set of red accents has been stuck to, creating a room with more order and modernity in its décor.

Inviting Kitchen

Kitchen with wooden furniture
The sheer size of this kitchen, the light that surrounds it and the amount of storage shows that this is a kitchen created for food and cooking lovers.

Warm And Inviting Bedroom

The red bedspread highlights the room

Wooden interior design
Warm tones throughout the bedroom make the room comforting and enveloping. Warm tones begin from the wood, and are continued throughout to the soft furnishings.

Contemporary Sliding Doors

Stunning home
The slim line and contemporary sliding doors make it simple to transition from indoor to outdoor when relaxing, dining, or entertaining.
This is a stunning home with striking features. The warm features and homely colours and materials transform it from modern shell to contemporary and comfortable home.

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