Architectural Features of Laidley Street Residence in San Francisco, California

Situated at San Francisco’s Glen Park neighbourhood, this spectacular Laidley Street Residence is a ground-up house harnessing natural stream of light all through the day- much to the joy of the inhabitants. The property captures a beautiful vista of a soothing wind-swept park & creates a great visual bond with split-level road lying before the property. The prime living level features continuous series of gorgeous oak cabinetry that adds on desired depth to the surrounds- the joint kitchen & dining in singular space ensures convenience. The floor-to-ceiling glass arrangement in the residence renders the unique dramatic vista of San Francisco downtown. Here is a brief on the phenomenal architectural features of the Laidley Street Residence in San Francisco, California.

The triangular house oozes a vintage charm

This is one architectural wonder wrapped in beige and burnt amber. The triangular house oozes a vintage charm while the square patterned rooms beside assure a fantastic chic contract. The floor to ceiling glass is one of the most coveted aspects of the residence.

Laidley street residence with the glass

This Laidley Street residence is a smart beauty with its floor-to-ceiling glass adding on the dramatic weight with cherishing view of San Francisco down-town. The split stone road in front matches well with the beige outside wall.

The burnt cyan stairs leads inside

The entrance looks oh-so-stylish with its grey stone flooring that has been glammed up with the series of dark wooden slats at the left. The burnt amber canopy at the top forms a fantastic contract with the burnt cyan stairs leading inside.

Living room with minimalist chic furniture

The otherwise pale floor has been livened up with the bright burnt cyan cabinet and the natural flow of light kissing the room from the wide big glass window- Minimalist chic furniture has rendered the needed dose of sophistication to the area.

The hanging ivory pendant lights are beautiful

The pristine set-up looks inviting and fresh. Its suave charm is upped with the contrasting burnt cyan cabinet and steel oven and fridge doors. The hanging ivory pendant lights are beautiful.

True uber chic setup without getting over the top

This is a true uber chic set-up without getting over the top. The ivory spread all over assures a pristine charm but the possible bland look has been denied by the right use of a warm wooden cabinet.

 The fantastic down-town vista outside is seen from the glass

Anybody would be ready to give away anything to dine at such a dramatic space. The glass surround at 3/4th of the wall is truly inviting with the fantastic down-town vista outside. The light brown cabinet and the metallic artwork on the table create a great contrast.

The floor to glass ceiling promises an amazing visual treat

The floor to glass ceiling promises an amazing visual treat and it’s a sheer fortune to enjoy a warm cup from the room overlooking the beauty of setting sun leaving the magical twilight for you.

The grey geometrical circular pattern on the wall looks good

The overall white set-up extends an unmatched elegance since there cannot be anything classier than a pristine surround. The burnt cyan railing renders a contrasting edge and so the grey geometrical circular pattern on the wall.

Master bedroom looks oh-so-cozy

The master bedroom looks oh-so-cozy with its soft earthy-tone bedding, the chic long mirror, the artistic displays on the wall and the floor to ceiling glass window overlooking the patio.

Subtle chic bathroom

The chic bath speaks subtle plush in style with its contemporary oval tub, glass door, white appliances and wooden cabinetry.

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