Hill side house

747 Wing House in Malibu, California by David Hertz Architects

This 747 Wing House Design goes on to show that Modern home design can be personalized as much as you want. Who would have thought that one could buy an entire plane as use as much parts of airplane as much as possible as house materials. The owners of this house wanted a floating curved for their home design, the airplane wings became the ideal materials that gives just that desired rooftop of this Malibu Hill house.

The beautiful views of the hills surrounding the house can be seen in all angles of the house. The simple steel brace frames allow the roof to “float” above the rest of the structure, while self-supporting glass walls give the owners of the house a spectacular views overlooking the city of Malibu. The architects of this are  David Hertz Architects  and the studio of Environmental Architects .

 Roof Made From Aeroplane Wings

Maribu Hill House

Suspended Rooftop Wings

Suspended Rooftop Wings

Glass And Concrete Finish walls

Glass walls

Maribu Hillside House

Hill side house

The structure of this modern house is combined with the concrete and glass walls supported by simple brace steel  frames that keeps the roof floating on top of the whole house structure.  The views of the hills surrounding the house remain beautifully visible .

747 Wing House Lighting

Malibu house on the hill

Wing house corridor

Malibu, CA, USA

Roof Structure



Concrete wall And Beautiful Green Hilly Landscape


House Interiors



747 Aeroplane Windows with Lighting


Outside Fire Pit Crafted from Engine Cowling





Amazing Shape of the Wing Roof And Glass Walls


747 Wing House Design in Malibu California

Malibu house747 Wing house is environmentally friendly as it uses post consumer waste . The whole 747 plane is being used in the construction of this hillside house in Malibu . The structure of the 747 plane used in building this house is fully engineered and no need of additional man power or materials are needed as to compared to when the house is being built from the ground.  To power and heat the house, solar power ,high power heat mirror glazing and natural ventilation will be added in the construction of the hillside 747 wing house in Malibu ,California.

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