Gotjawal Cocoon House

10 Modern Futuristic house Design Ideas

Looking for a space, which features a design at its contemporary best? If so a great idea is to get yourself a custom home built based on a design which is modern and reflects the future. You can search for designs online to give you a better idea on what futuristic designs are all about and how these can be incorporated in your home.


First differentiating factor about futuristic homes is that it features a lot of freeform abstract shapes, lots of geometric designs and should be spacious on one side and equally stylish on the other. These below mentioned houses all feature magnificent designs all of which are contemporary.

The Cocoon House Korea

Gotjawal Cocoon House
Image Source: planning korea
This futuristic, Gotjawal Cocoon house takes the shape of cocoon, and has been inspired by the stunning volcanic topography as found in Jeju Island. This high end condo, located in the beautiful village of Gotjawal Village, is quite a popular building in the Jeju Island. The centre of the house has been such built that it takes the form of a cocoon, which in turn protect the interiors of the house.

The Object Building Korea

 THE OBJET architectural building
Image Source: planning korea

Located at the magnificent Jeju Island, this beautiful mansion has been named as The Objet, which is a perfect complement to the breathtaking Gotjawal Forest, where in the trees and plants grow above the surface of volcanic rocks. The building features a structure which is semi open, and incorporates graceful movements that once occurred at the Soomgol. A wide pond surrounds the building and resembles the spring in Soomgol. The house features large frames, which lets in lots of natural sunlight and air into it.

The Moebius Building Korea

The Moebius

Image Source: planning korea

Featuring a contemporary design at its best, this house has a unique exterior, wherein the roof is well connected to the walls and floor in a constant streamline. Its design has been inspired by a fluid curve and adds a dash of extra coziness to the home interiors. The design is such that the out layer of the house almost envelops the interior space. The design is soft and rounded and features organic curves, due to which special custom made furniture has been used to complement the soft curves.

Second Wave Building in Australia

Second Wave modern home

Image source: tonyowen
Designed in the year 2008, this house is a refined version of the Wave House. The brief that was given to the designer was to build a better house than Wave, the outcome of which is Wave 2. The design incorporates a sloping sight, a centralized viewing corridor, which lets in lot of natural sunlight and great ventilation.

 Breathtaking beachside at Collaroy

 Collaroy beachfront

Image source: tonyowen

The house is almost a piece of art and is located at the breathtaking beachside at Collaroy. It features supine geometry which complements the wind dynamics and the view of the site. It is a perfect amalgamation of the lifestyle of northern beaches and the state of the art technology.

Leap House Australia

Leap House Australia modern home

Image source: tonyowen
Situated in Dover Heights, Sydney, this house, named the Leap House offers a panoramic view of the entire Sydney Harbor. Portraying magnificence truly, the house sits on a beautiful rock outcrop. The house has been named the Leap house, since the initial brief of the client was that the house was to leap in view right out of the rocks.

Modern House Design

Modern Arrchitecture
Image source: jmayerh
The house has been such design that it showcases a double storied structure, with organic soft curves around it. The inner structures are quite rectangular shaped, which is enveloped externally by the outer cylindrical structure. The design lets in ample natural light and air.

DUPLI CASA – Villa near Ludwigsburg, Germany

 DUPLI CASA Resdience
Image source: jmayerh

This house showcases a really contemporary design in white, featuring a tree like structure, where the different components protrude out of the main building like branches. It is two storied and features a lot of glasswork to let in natural light.

Futuristic House Design in Barvikh

Capital Hill Residence

modern architecture building

Image source: zaha-hadid

This contemporary designed house is situated in Barvikha on the northern side of the hill, where the birch and pine trees are as tall as 20 meters. Its design showcases fluid geometry which remerges right out of the magnificent landscape. Its program has been divided into 2 different components, the first one merges with the hills, while the other offers a great view of the forests, floating right above the ground.

Futuristic House Design in Greece


The mansion is located in Athens Greece, and covers a total area of over 3000 sq meters. T features a pool, a spacious wooden deck, a magnificent sunroom, while the house it located on pillars almost on the 2nd story.

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